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Video – Essence of Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Isn’t this the kind of relaxation that’d be wonderful to experience each week…. Each week our Saturday morning Relax & Restore class begins with some gentle, whole body movements and deep breathing. And then it slowly transitions into what you see above – a complete release into […]

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The Holiday Calm – Mon, Dec 22, 6:30p – 8p

The Holiday Calm Mon, Dec 22, 2014; 6:30p – 8:00p Galesville Memorial Hall $20 by Dec 18; $25 after Dec 18 Register Come experience the great holiday calm. An ideal way to relax and regroup for the holiday season. Enjoy easy movements and a thorough, whole body […]

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Scenes from Gentle Yoga

Each month we offer an hour-long Gentle Yoga class before the Meditation Circle. The first half of class is comprised of slow, soothing movements designed to stretch, lengthen and massage the body and calm the mind. Then in the second half of the class everyone finds a […]

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The Art & Science of Relaxation: Sep 22, 2p – 4:30p

The Art & Science of  Relaxation Sun, Sep 22, 2013; 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Sep 18; $35 after Sep 18 Register People are at their best when they are in a state of ease: Mentally, emotionally, and physically. Yet, stress has become synonymous […]

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Restorative Yoga: Discovery & Practice ~ Sun, May 19

Restorative Yoga: Discovery & Practice Sun, May 19, 2p – 4:30p; Galesville Hall $30 by May 15; $35 after May 15 Register Now Ease into life with a calm – come discover the wonder of restorative yoga. In this gentle and serene session we will use a […]

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Relaxation Workshop Recap

Thanks to all who came out and made today’s workshop such a success – everyone was right on key the whole way through. In a nutshell today’s session focused on relaxation and how to achieve it – in all realms of life, on and off that mat. […]

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Restorative Sunday: Recap

We held our restorative yoga workshops yesterday led by our dear visiting teacher, Ms Sara Duke. And what a wonderful day it turned out to be. The early session featured an investigative experience into deep relaxation where all had opportunity to experiment with props to find support […]

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Special Day of Restorative Yoga: Apr 1

Two Great Restorative Workshops Presented By Special Guest Teacher: Sara Duke Restorative Yoga: Discovery & Practice Sun, April 1, 10a – 12:30p $30 by Mar 26; Register Now (limited spaces) Restoring & Rebuilding the Inner Core Sun, April 1, 2p – 4p $25 by Mar 26; Register […]

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Ahh – A Restorative Recap

Yesterday we had a full house for our restorative yoga workshop – a way to go into deep relaxation and experience release. It is the type of program where everyone is asked to bring a modest, if not dramatic, laundry list of personal items (blankets, towels, pillows […]

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Restorative Workshop ~ May 22

Restorative Yoga Workshop – Register Now Sun, May 22, 2p – 4p; Galesville Hall $25 by May 18; $30 after May 18 Ease into life with a calm – come discover the wonder of restorative yoga. In this gentle and serene session we will use a variety […]

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