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Podcast: Meditation with Chakras

Podcast: Meditation With Chakras Time: 19 min 44 sec Starting with the breath, weave your way through this mystical journey of discovery and peace. Explore the chakras, enhance your concentration, and most of all experience a quieter, more subtle state of mind. This session is appropriate for […]

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Podcast: Yoga Nidra Live II

Podcast: Yoga Nidra Live – II With Singing Bowls Time: 19 min 07 sec During this month of Yoga Nidra Challenge, here is another podcast recorded live yesterday at our class at Vocus. All that is needed for this practice is a quiet place to lie down; […]

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Podcast: Yoga Nidra Live

 Podcast: Yoga Nidra Live Featuring Singing Bowls & Chimes as Concluding Section Time: 22 min 37 sec Here is a brand new yoga nidra practice that was recorded yesterday during the final section of class. Thanks to all who participated and helped inspire this practice. Also many […]

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Podcast: Yoga Nidra with Sitar

Podcast: Yoga Nidra with Sitar Time: 12 min 23 sec In honor of this month’s Yoga Nidra Challenge we share with you the yoga nidra practice from our CD Divanishi: A Yoga Practice for Day & Night (2008). Over the course of the month we will also […]

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Holiday Family Yoga, Sun, Dec 8, 2p – 4:30p

Holiday Family Yoga Sun, Dec 8, 2013, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $25 Adult // $35 Adult & Child // $40 Adult & 2 Children Early Registration Till Wed Dec 4 Register Now Join us for this great gathering of family practice including games, stories, quiet […]

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Singing Bowls with Vocals by Angie

 Podcast: Singing Bowls with Vocals by Angie Hunter Time: 18 min 18 sec While we have been using singing bowls and chimes in relaxation and meditation sessions, this is our initial “go” with a vocal accompaniment. I approached Angie about this as I had heard about her […]

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Relaxation Workshop Recap & Video

Be sure to watch the wonderful 30 sec video – slideshow set to music below…. Absolutely wonderful to have everyone out for yesterday’s seminar – “The Art & Science of Relaxation.” We had a group of participants who really immersed themselves in the flow! After some opening […]

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Podcast: Deep Relaxation with Singing Bowls

Podcast: Deep Relaxation with Singing Bowls Time: 23 min 06 sec Experience this grand relaxation session as you delve deeply into this yoga nidra practice. Using your breath and ideation, calm each and every aspect of your physical body and reach into that pool of consciousness in […]

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The Art & Science of Relaxation: Sep 22, 2p – 4:30p

The Art & Science of  Relaxation Sun, Sep 22, 2013; 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Sep 18; $35 after Sep 18 Register People are at their best when they are in a state of ease: Mentally, emotionally, and physically. Yet, stress has become synonymous […]

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Podcast: Office Yoga For Everyone

 Podcast: Office Yoga For Everyone Time: 6 min 55 sec This short podcast is ideal for those who spend extended periods at a desk or work station and need a quick “refresh.” This practice will help you revitalize body and mind – and you won’t even have […]

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