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Dancer Pose for Two

Natarajasana or dancer pose refers to the great yogi Sadashiva. One of his names was Nataraj meaning the King of Dance as he introduced both music and dance into ancient Indian civilization, thousands of years ago. Here in this modern era, we have Kate performing Natarajasana. The […]

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Student Spotlight: Sarah

Today we welcome Sarah as our latest student spotlight… …Sarah is a long-time participant in our Monday night Yoga for Strength & Fitness class at NECC and she and her mom have attended some of our Live Sitar and Yoga seminars as well. In addition, Sarah is […]

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Video: One Young Woman’s Journey Through Pregnancy with Yoga

“This project is but a microcosm of what we all encounter in life: Challenges and our inherent ability to overcome them. Our hope is that this short piece serves as inspiration to anyone anywhere immersed in a challenging transition. May we all strive for and ultimately achieve […]

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Ashleigh’s 1st Hand Account: Eliza’s Arrival

Well, yesterday morning, i.e. Thursday May 5, we had a real treat. Ashleigh came in with her 12 day old baby – Eliza. They both looked great – healthy and vibrant. They were calm, cool & collected – a perfect tandem. It was only a day later […]

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Ashleigh’s Baby: Update on Eliza Jane

Here is Eliza Jane at 4 days old – since this photo was taken she has doubled her age. She is now 8 days old! Ashleigh is doing extremely well, loving motherhood and all that comes with it. She is also readying to come back to class […]

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Ashleigh’s Baby: Eliza Jane b. 4/23/11

Congratulations to Ashleigh and Matt on the arrival of Eliza Jane on Saturday, Apr 23 at 3:09 pm. Here is what Ashleigh writes: I just wanted to let you know that Eliza made her appearance yesterday [Sat, Apr 23] at 3:09pm. Weighing in at 7.0 lbs and […]

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