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She Is Also Doing Outdoor Yoga

She Is Also Doing Outdoor Yoga The world of yoga is vast and includes various practices including serving plants and animals. Here is one of our yoginis doing bhuta yajina (service to plants and animals) – one of the innumerable aspects of the diverse and grand approach […]

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A “Lost” Podcast, A Recent Blog Post, & Handling Change

Interesting how life makes its twists and turns…below you will find a recovered podcast, a tale of a fellow practitioner, and a “how to” on approaching change – the yogic way. The other morning (Saturday, 2/14/15) I took some photos of the sunrise before class, and used […]

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Sanskrit Challenge: July 2014

The Sanskrit Challenge will be our feature for the month of July 2014. In the midst of our summer fun, we will keep the brain active and learn a few new words / philosophical concepts. Every Language is Unique: Here we have to keep in mind that […]

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Recap: Chakras & Bio-Psychology Seminar

Thanks to all for coming out to yesterday’s seminar, Chakras & Bio-Psychology. We had an extremely engaging group that offered many questions as well as many answers and reflections… No doubt, the topic was a massive one: How does the chakra system affect our human personality. We […]

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Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief (Follow-up)

Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief (Follow-up) Time: 4 min 25 sec On the 28th of October, I posted “Podcast: The Science of Breathing & Stress Relief“. That particular post contained (1) a podcast to practice breathing techniques as well as (2) a write-up about […]

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Meet Latesha ~ A Teacher from Charleston!!

About the writer: Latesha is a native and current resident of Charleston, SC who teaches yoga for Embassy Suites Hotel. She also instructs at several community centers, while her yoga studio is under construction. Her focus is on ashtanga yoga and she plans to go to India […]

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Simplify Life: Recap

Yesterday, we held our seminar, “Simplify Life with the Ancient Codes of Yoga“, where we pursued an investigation of yama and niyama and applied that to daily living. A dry theoretical pursuit it was not as we addressed all kinds of life situations using the yogic codes […]

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Simplify Life with the Ancient Codes of Yoga: Sun Aug 18

¬†Simplify Life with the Ancient Codes of Yoga Sun, Aug 18, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $25 by Aug 14; $30 after Aug 14 Register In the words of the great American thinker, Henry David Thoreau, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.” In this complex, ultra-modern, materialistic era, this […]

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Podcast: Forgiveness & Acceptance

Meditative Podcast: Forgiveness & Acceptance Time: 17 min 43 sec How can we be more forgiving of ourselves? How can we compassionately accept others? How do these two endeavors complement our status of mind. This podcast explores the avenues of forgiveness and acceptance through the vision and […]

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My Black Bag

Last Friday I arrived at class and saw that it was not there – my famed black bag was not in my trunk. I searched throughout my car and my bag was nowhere. The time had come to begin class so there was no music in class […]

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