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Yoga in North Woods of Maine

Recently Sharon took fall hiking and camping trip in northern Maine – i.e. Baxter State Park – and here are a few shots that she has kindly shared with us. Much gratitude to her husband Mike for his excellent camera eye. (Note: To see s bigger version […]

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Podcast: Nature Visualization

¬†Podcast: Nature Visualization Time: 12 min 25 sec Here in this very accessible meditative experience, we explore a visualization that is suitable and appropriate for all. Through visualization we can clear the mind of hindrances and distractions, and purify the psychic realm. Enjoy every breath and every […]

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What a Wonderful World

Another must-see, awe-inspiring video.It does make one reflect upon our inherent connection with the natural world – and beyond. Wouldn’t it be nice if all ads were this sentient and pure? View this in FULL SCREEN MODE…

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Eco Yoga Day: Apr 17

Our 3rd Annual: Eco Yoga Day Sun, Apr 17, 2p – 4p Galesville Memorial Hall $15 Donation (All proceeds go towards a local green project) Register Now Come celebrate the Earth Day season with our 3rd annual Eco Yoga Day. This is a time to engage in […]

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Video: The Vast Creation

Tour some of the more remote and inspiring places on this earth, contemplating the link that unites us all. For a full screen, high resolution viewing, click here.

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Happy Solstice!!

Happy Solstice to One & All!! The word solstice comes from the Latin sol meaning “sun” and the Latin root sistere meaning “to stand still.” Why solstice?? Because the sun stands still in declination; that is, the apparent movement of the Sun’s path north or south comes […]

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