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Baby Chickadees: Before and After + Baby Bluebirds

Baby Chickadees: Before and After + Baby Bluebirds Thanks to Annie this has turned into a before and after series. The BEFORE pics were the first entry of this month’s Photo Challenge – and here following are the AFTER photos. Annie writes us: Just an update on our nests: the little […]

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A Lake Like No Other

Crater Lake, Oregon With the Photo Challenge winding down, Marisa mentioned to me that she was out of town but she did not mention that she was at THIS place – only when the photos came in days later was I in the know. She writes: Here’s […]

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Yin & Yang – & Rainbows in Hawaii

Yin & Yang This stunning contribution is from Stephanie – from her very recent trip with her young son. Stephanie writes: This is my favorite photo from my and Sammy’s recent trip to Hawaii. My mother, brother, and I hiked to the top of Diamond Head crater […]

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Natural World Always Has Something To Offer

Here is our next entry for the Photo Challenge – Merinda writes: I looked up and thought “how interesting.” I think the natural world always has something unique and interesting to offer. Very nice Merinda – reminds of one of those shots of the Oregon trees rising […]

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Spring, chickadee style

Here is our first entry for this month’s Photo Challenge. Annie writes us: Not much of a photographer but here is the essence of spring: our first eggs monitoring the SERC bluebird trail – it’s a chickadee nest but all are welcome! What a great indicator Annie […]

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Photo Challenge: May 2015

 Photo Challenge: May 2015 Nature * Spring * Yoga * Mind * Renewal The month of May 2015 will be our Photo Challenge. Use your inner eye and your external focus to capture scenes that inspire you along the themes of: Nature, spring, yoga, mind, and renewal. Submitted […]

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Grand Saturday Sunrise & Summit

You knew the day was going to be a good one – it just had to be. Here is the scene through my front windshield as I was driving to class on Saturday morning (1/17/15). It was a tunnel of sunshine straightaway down Galesville Road culminating with […]

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Yoga Pose & Poetry Medley

Thanks Sherrod for this wonderful array of poses and poetry… Triangled in down-ward facing dog I become canine, arch and stretch, Imaging a yawn and a good scratch would be nice, Or maybe a nap? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Standing balanced on foot ‘balls’ knees flexed hips tucked chest open […]

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Yogi Hiker Soloing The Whites of New Hampshire

Over the years, we’ve had some awesome photos from some of our inspired yogi hikers. Here is a recent one of the Johnson clan. This summer we have also had a fearless soloist with a fairly unique story… Here we have Nancy – no longer only famous […]

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Outdoor Yoga July 17: A Photo Journal

Had a wonderful turnout (32+) for Outdoor Yoga this past Thursday, July 17. And the weather could not have been better. Here is what folks had to say about the occasion (via email) – feel free to add your comments below – followed by a photo journal […]

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