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Seminar: The Year-End Yoga Gathering

The Year-End Yoga Gathering Thursday, Dec 31, 8a – 10a Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Dec 29 // $35 after Dec 29 Register This is a time to gather round and rejoice – yoga-style – for the New Year. This dynamic session will include (a) a gentle yoga & […]

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A “Lost” Podcast, A Recent Blog Post, & Handling Change

Interesting how life makes its twists and turns…below you will find a recovered podcast, a tale of a fellow practitioner, and a “how to” on approaching change – the yogic way. The other morning (Saturday, 2/14/15) I took some photos of the sunrise before class, and used […]

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Comings, Goings & Congratulations

In this summer of 2012, we have many changes in our local yoga community – so let’s take a moment to honor and recognise some of these life transitions. ON THE MOVE… Carolyn Rodis: Carolyn and her husband, Elloyd  – long-time residents of south county and great […]

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Life, Death & Samskara ~ Sun July 22

Life, Death & Samskara Sun, July 22, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $25 by July 18 // $30 after July 18 Register Now Since long, yogis have been seeking to unravel the cosmic mystery of birth, life, & death. This seminar goes to the very core […]

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Keeping Your Eye on Life

There is no doubt about it: Life is challenging – it demands our all. We have to keep a close eye on what is going on. To achieve that, flexibility is a must. Physical flexibility is certainly helpful, yet most of life’s endeavors demand our psychic flexibility. […]

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Tulsidas & the Epics

Namaskar, To paraphrase the great 16th / 17th century poet Tulsidas, when we come into this world as newborns, everyone smiles in joy and we cry. Yet throughout our lives, we are to engage in so many noble pursuits and benevolent endeavors, that when it is our […]

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