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Mother Nature & Yoga

The weather today was absolutely perfect – it was perfect for the women’s day event at Jug Bay and it was perfect for doing yoga outside at the women’s day program at Jug Bay. When I arrived on scene, they were hiking up the trail fresh off […]

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Meditation – The Heart of Yoga

Namaskar – Last Thursday evening we held a meditation circle as part of Nat’l Yoga Month, 17 people arrived with minds introverted ready to meditate. Meditation is not separate from yoga, rather meditation is the main practice of yogis. 7 of the 8 limbs of astaunga yoga […]

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Together with Mom & Mother Nature

Had a wonderful outing with mom this mother’s day weekend at Jug Bay – a neat little wonderland of a park here in Lothian. We hiked the forested vegetation, strolled the “boardwalk”, enjoyed the great vistas, and talked and reflected plenty. See all the photos here It […]

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