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Home-Made Whole Food Salad Dressing

As summer rolls in and we all eat more cool, raw foods – like salads (and aren’t there thousands of ways to make salads – using shredded or grated beets is one of my favorite additions) –  then we all have to consider what dressing to use. […]

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Eating Healthy: A Winter’s Treat (Recap)

Well, once again, Bethanne and Kenny Kashkett came down and put on a wonderful and artful cooking demonstration filled with facts on nutrition, personal stories, and, of courts, tasty and savory dishes. This was our third Eating Healthy seminar and each one is a little different. After […]

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Eating Healthy: Summer’s Finest!!

Well, we had a wonderful Eating Healthy seminar yesterday. Our guide, Bethanne Kashkett, supported by her husband Kenny (shown here), led us through a tantalizing array of tasty recipes and healthy eating treats. We started off with a special green smoothie with blueberries to keep us cool […]

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