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Fasting Challenge: April 2014

April is upon us and with it – The Fasting Challenge. Here we are going to embrace fasting in the broadest sense of the term. By replacing certain food choices for healthier ones, we aim to make the body & mind cleaner, lighter, and more pure. So […]

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Fasting For You: Sun, Mar 16, 2p – 4:30p

Fasting for You Sun, Mar 16, 2014, 2p – 4: 30p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Mar 12 // $35 after Mar 12 Register Nowadays, fasting is gaining in popularity. People are doing various types of fasts – and getting the benefits, accordingly. Weight loss is one […]

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Harvard Study: Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Here is a very interesting report just released by Harvard scientists and doctors about the benefits of yoga. Important: Do not let the image dissuade you from watching this video. They are primarily talking about the brain and stress reduction – not doing fancy poses. Two points […]

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Home Practice Challenge: Nov 2013

Home Practice Challenge: November 2013 As with most things, yoga is most effective when practiced regularly. So that is what we will aim for this month: A daily yoga practice, rain or shine. When to Practice: You may do your practice in the morning before breakfast or […]

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Student Spotlight: Liz

Here following we feature Liz in the latest in our student spotlight series. To date most of the Student Spotlights have been podcasts, This is different as I asked Liz if she was interested in writing a guest blog post about her experiences – and the project […]

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Veggie Challenge Videos

Here is a selection of videos that you may find helpful in advancing your course on this month’s Veggie Challenge. One film not mentioned below but highlighted earlier on this blog is Forks Over Knives, which is a highly compelling and extremely informative piece – and I […]

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Video: Annie on Eve of Hip Replacement

(Note: Be sure to see all the timeline updates in bold red below…) Here is Annie on the eve of her hip replacement surgery. The surgery was actually this morning (Tues, 11/6) at 9:30am and by all accounts it seems to have gone extremely well. She passed […]

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Eating Healthy: Nourish Your Body and Spirit ~ Dec 9

Eating Healthy: Nourish Your Body and Spirit Sunday, Dec 9th, 2:30pm – 5:30pm Galesville Memorial Hall $50 by Nov 30 // $55 by Dec 5 $60 after Dec 5 Register Today Here is the next offering in our annual Eating Healthy series with Bethanne and Kenny Kashkett. […]

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Healthy Eating Tips: Feel Full on Less

We all know that eating a balanced diet, not over-eating, and keeping a light stomach allow us to feel better. That is no secret. The secret lies in figuring out how to achieve this. A light stomach for yoga is extremely beneficial. It brings flexibility, strength, as […]

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Two Ancient Disciplines: Acupuncture & Yoga – Sun, Sep 16

Two Ancient Disciplines: Acupuncture & Yoga Sunday, Sep 16, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $25 by Sep 12 // $30 after Sept 12 Register In this ultra-modern age where technology abounds and Curiosity is landing on Mars, we must not lose sight of the tremendous wisdom […]

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