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Outdoor Yoga: Juno Beach (Fla)

Annie has gone down to Florida for a few days. Ever the consummate student (of yoga and life), Annie brought wasted no time in getting in some outdoor yoga with cousin Lisa. For this next shot, they recruited Auntie Em for this very neat geometrical design. All […]

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Baby Yoga: Luke in L-Shaped Handstand

It is truly hard to conceive how a 20-month-old could support himself on his arms in L-shaped handstand. Check out what boy-wonder Luke is up to in these photos. Also give credit where credit is due for that faceplant (lower left) – oh wait a sec, there […]

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Arm Balance Workshop – Recap

Had a wonderful arm balance workshop on Sunday – in total we covered upwards of more than 2 dozen arm balance poses and their variations – from the most basic to the more advanced. Everyone got the opportunity to refine their poses and try new challenges. Some […]

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Hangin’ at the Beach

Ahhh…summer: Sunshine, beaches, family outings & handstands!! Here is Jean Rupard, one of our NECC faithful, airing it out under the sun! You might think that Jean is flanked by curiosity seekers, but alas – no. Those are her grandchildren!! And it did not take long until […]

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Cool Pool Yoga Pics!!

Just in from Mary Flora’s  (Mon Nite NECC) team!! The ground may be hard and burning hot, but that did not deter these brave, young souls from trying to get a handle on bakasana or crow pose… Here they are captured in a number of creative variations, […]

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* Snow Yoga *

Well, while the big snow storm – approx 28 inches – forced us to cancel classes, this fellow made it out in the aftermath of the storm to do a pose or two. See more pics on the BOTTOM of this page and on the TOP of […]

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