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Fasting Challenge: April 2014

April is upon us and with it – The Fasting Challenge. Here we are going to embrace fasting in the broadest sense of the term. By replacing certain food choices for healthier ones, we aim to make the body & mind cleaner, lighter, and more pure. So […]

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Fasting For You: Sun, Mar 16, 2p – 4:30p

Fasting for You Sun, Mar 16, 2014, 2p – 4: 30p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Mar 12 // $35 after Mar 12 Register Nowadays, fasting is gaining in popularity. People are doing various types of fasts – and getting the benefits, accordingly. Weight loss is one […]

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Fasting Seminar Recap

Today we held our first ever “Food, Fasting & Health” seminar. What could have been a weekend, we did in 2hrs! It was a big topic wherein we looked at our eating habits in broad, sweeping brush strokes – food timing, digestion, attachments, choices, & more – […]

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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

With our own fasting seminar coming up this Sunday (July 24), I could not help but share the trailer about a film I first heard about last Wednesday after Community Yoga. While the yogic approach to food and fasting stands on its own unique pillars, the below […]

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Food, Fasting and Health: July 24

Food Fasting and Health Sun, Jul 24, 2p – 4p Galesville Memorial Hall $20 by Jul 20 ~ $25 after July 20 Register Now Eating is a big part of human life. Proper food gives us sustenance. At the same time, the body greatly benefits from periods […]

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Super Full Moon

Purn’a in Sanskrit means full and purn’ima’ (also poornima) means the full moon. As you probably know by now we had a whopper of a full moon last night. Actually it was a “super moon”. To the left is the super full moon rising over Washington DC […]

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