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Happy Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day Here’s a great way to help the cause… Is this not a great way to actively promote sustainable living practices and support the cause of environmentalism and ecological balance.  

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Eco Yoga Day: Apr 17

Our 3rd Annual: Eco Yoga Day Sun, Apr 17, 2p – 4p Galesville Memorial Hall $15 Donation (All proceeds go towards a local green project) Register Now Come celebrate the Earth Day season with our 3rd annual Eco Yoga Day. This is a time to engage in […]

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Eco Yoga Day: Buildings & Bees!

Eco Yoga Day was a big hit, with both humans and bees. We learned about bees, tasted their wonderful honey, and in turn our friends the bees got new homes. See two of the finest shown here. Our yoga practice segued into an Eco think tank led […]

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Happy Earth Day

As yogis and yoginis, we should know our home and we have many homes. We have our body, our mind, our physical house, our neighborhood, our local community, and yes our planet & universe. In celebration of Earth Day & knowing our home – i.e. Earth – […]

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Earth Day: Walk Lightly

In observance of  Earth Day (Apr 22), we can all reflect on the words of one great yogi. The below para is describing a yogic dance yet it also is a metaphor for how we are to live on this earth. The more we take it to […]

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