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The Nutrition Rainbow

The Nutrition Rainbow How vegetables, by color, offer cancer fighting properties… Click image to view or download PDF version Courtesy of PCRM and Food for Life

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Smoothies here we go…

Ok – so the Smoothie Challenge is officially off and running… First we hear from Lori who now resides up in PA: My husband and I have been making green smoothies every day since December. It’s great! I have to admit that I have more of a […]

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The Vishvasa Challenge: Jan 2015

According to the ancient, great yogi Sadashiva, or simply Shiva, there are 7 secrets of success. The first secret is vishvasa (veesh + wash) meaning firm determination. Without taking firm determination before starting any task, one can never get success. So firm determination is a must. And […]

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Student Spotlight: Liz

Here following we feature Liz in the latest in our student spotlight series. To date most of the Student Spotlights have been podcasts, This is different as I asked Liz if she was interested in writing a guest blog post about her experiences – and the project […]

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Veggie Challenge Videos

Here is a selection of videos that you may find helpful in advancing your course on this month’s Veggie Challenge. One film not mentioned below but highlighted earlier on this blog is Forks Over Knives, which is a highly compelling and extremely informative piece – and I […]

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The Veggie Challenge: Oct 2013

The month of October marks our Veggie Challenge. It’s easy and healthy too…and like all our monthly challenges it can be tailored to your living needs. We all know fruits and vegetables are good for us. And diet is such an aspect of life that can always […]

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Student Spotlight: Janel

Be sure to listen to Janel’s podcast below… Meet Janel and hear about her interesting life transition. As we know, the field of yoga is vast from conception of mind to physical postures and every aspect of life in between. It all counts in building the human […]

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America is Going Meatless – Join In!!

So the facts are in – more and more Americans are going meatless – & liking it! (Link below) It isn’t just Bill Clinton, but many are getting the benefits of a plant-based diet. Some are doing Meatless Mondays, while others are taking a deeper look at […]

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A Pig’s Review: Healthy Human Eating

A central theme of yoga is doing what is most natural for your body – this brings vitality, strength, and longevity. In the above video, Professor Pig brings forth many salient points in his endeavor to lead humans onto the point of health and well-being through food […]

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Thumbs Up On…Diet (& Health)

(The below is an excerpt from an article titled, Bill Clinton Declares Vegan Victory, that was published by USA Today on Aug 25, 2011) Where’s the beef? Not in Bill Clinton’s diet. The former president, known for his love of burgers, barbecue and junk food, has gone […]

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