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Chakra Challenge #2: Bio-Psychology & Podcast

Chakras Challenge: Week #2 Review + Podcast Here we explore the effects of chakra meditation and engage in a practice…. Chakras & Bio-Psychology This week in various classes we discussed how chakras affect the human personality. Here we will look at this fascinating topic in a nutshell. At […]

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Chakra Challenge: Week #1 Review + Podcast

Chakra Challenge: Week #1 Review + Podcast Here is a collection of some of the ideas, concepts, and practices shared in the first week of this Chakra Challenge. Some of the Basics Here are some of the points we touched on during classes throughout the week. What […]

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Chakra Challenge: Mar 2017

Chakra Challenge: Mar ’17 All month long we will explore chakras through poses, talks, podcasts, meditation, and more… Chakras are an integral aspect of our yoga practice. But what are they? Where are they? What effect do they have and how do we positively affect them. Throughout […]

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Podcast: Yoga Nidra Chakra Exploration w/ Singing Bowls

Podcast: Yoga Nidra Chakra Exploration with Singing Bowls Time: 19 min 46 sec Yoga nidra is the ultimate in deep relaxation. Come as you are – with props or without; no physical or mental preparation is needed. This practice does it all for you. Give yourself the […]

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Podcast: Meditation with Chakras

Podcast: Meditation With Chakras Time: 19 min 44 sec Starting with the breath, weave your way through this mystical journey of discovery and peace. Explore the chakras, enhance your concentration, and most of all experience a quieter, more subtle state of mind. This session is appropriate for […]

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Recap: Chakras & Bio-Psychology Seminar

Thanks to all for coming out to yesterday’s seminar, Chakras & Bio-Psychology. We had an extremely engaging group that offered many questions as well as many answers and reflections… No doubt, the topic was a massive one: How does the chakra system affect our human personality. We […]

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Chakras & Bio-Psychology: Sun, Jan 26, 2014

Chakras & Bio-Psychology Sun, Jan 26, 2014, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $30 by Jan 22 // $35 after Jan 22 Register The practice of yoga is a mind-body endeavor of which a key element is the chakra system. Chakras have a profound influence on our […]

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Podcast: Yoga Nidra Live

 Podcast: Yoga Nidra Live Featuring Singing Bowls & Chimes as Concluding Section Time: 22 min 37 sec Here is a brand new yoga nidra practice that was recorded yesterday during the final section of class. Thanks to all who participated and helped inspire this practice. Also many […]

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Podcast: Deep Relaxation with Singing Bowls

Podcast: Deep Relaxation with Singing Bowls Time: 23 min 06 sec Experience this grand relaxation session as you delve deeply into this yoga nidra practice. Using your breath and ideation, calm each and every aspect of your physical body and reach into that pool of consciousness in […]

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Podcast: The Higher Chakras

Meditative Podcast: The Higher Chakras Time: 22 min 34 sec This meditative-cum-philosophical session explores the higher chakras: From the 4th chakra, i.e. the anahata chakra or heart chakra, to the 7th chakra, i.e. the sahasrara chakra or thousand petaled lotus chakra. Delve into this meditative practice, awaken […]

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