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Video: Yoga w/ Feline Friend

This just needs to be seen… Again, I have watched many videos of cats doing yoga or in yoga poses, but never anything quite like this. Here is a yoga kitty video I posted some months back…

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Unique Friends: Cat & Dolphin

One lives on land and has a furry coat; the other lives at sea and has a smooth skin. One has been domesticated, the other is wild. One hates to have water splashed on him, and the other splashes day-long joyfully in the water. They could not […]

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Who Is In More Bliss?

As Sara (Mon Nite NECC) continues her vacation travels and does yoga at all the hot spots – shown here in Albuquerque, N.M. – a grand question comes to mind. Who is in greater bliss – Sara or the resident feline? What is your opinion… More of […]

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No Class Today: Wed Feb 10

Due to the ongoing weather patterns – snow accumulation and wind – we will not be having class today in Galesville, surprise, surprise… Keep up your home practice – hope to see you soon!! Till then stay warm and dry – and keep the snow at arm’s […]

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