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Yoga Balance Challenge – Podcast #1

Podcast:  Balance Challenge #1 Time: 11 min 45 sec Here is the first podcast for this month’s Balance Challenge. The first week of this challenge explores three poses: Dancer pose, tree pose, and hand to big toe pose. These are all standing balance poses and you can […]

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Balance Challenge: Mar 2015

The Balance Challenge will be our monthly challenge for March 2015 – specifically we will focus on standing balance poses. Each week will present a new series of poses along with tips and pointers for your practice. About: This challenge is not about duration and holding the poses […]

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My Balance Lesson

The other day in class Penelope was teaching me how to balance. The plan was that when she raised her hands then I was to lift my knee – and it worked!! So you can best understand her technique, and the dimensions of the room, here is another look […]

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Abs Challenge #7 – Podcast

Here is the Abs Challenge #7 – a varied practice that will definitely keep you strong and balanced. Please find the podcast below. The opening sequence of this practice builds into a standing core balance pose, which Megan is demonstrating below. Also in this practice is a […]

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Abs Challenge #6 – Podcast

Join us for the Abs Challenge #6 – please find the podcast below. This is a dynamic session that offers a little bit of everything: Stretching, toning, strength building, and core engagement. Following are two of the many poses that are featured in this podcast. First we have […]

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Abs Challenge #3 – Podcast

This is the third offering / practice for the Abs Challenge (Nov ’14) – see podcast below.  This is a practice that does not require putting any pressure (i.e. full body weight) on the wrists or arms. This is a different type of practice – from our […]

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Gravity Glue: The Art of Rock Balancing

In the spirit of last month’s Self-Expression Challenge, here is a unique piece on balancing that comes to us by way of our good friend Lori in PA… For more information and to see great photos check out his site…

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Hold That Pose

  Anyone who has seen me do this pose knows… that the photographer must be really, really good – i.e. FAST!! Happy practicing to all!! (Note: Jason took this shot after last year’s Halloween-Yoga gathering; that evening he took many shots which I shall post. Here is […]

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Fancy Footwork

Here is a display of balance and counter-balance that is very helpful for anyone on the path of yoga. In particular, key in to the footwork – it is an art form…

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Student Spotlight: Anna

Meet Anna – and do listen to her podcast below. Anna has been coming to classes for years – generally on Friday mornings. In fact she was the first in her family to attend. Since then 2 of her daughters, her son, and one of her grandchildren […]

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