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Welcome Patrick Micheal

Patrick Michael b. 14 September 2015 Our deepest wishes to Sarah (Mon night Yoga Challenge) and her family on the arrival of Patrick Michael – who is now two weeks old, exactly! This photo is from a week or so ago. Both mother and baby are healthy […]

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How To Do Happy Baby Pose

Authentic Demo: Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana) As we move onwards in our Photo Challenge, we received this great shot of Olivia doing her finest rendition of “Happy Baby Pose.” She is also looking directly at you as if to say, “Well what are you waiting for – […]

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Frog Pose: My Favorite For Sleeping

What is your favorite pose for sleeping in? If you are a practitioner of yoga, the answer should be none – not even shavasana. Yoga nidra and deep repose are different from sleeping. To get maximum benefit of any pose, one should not fall asleep in that […]

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Feeling Better…

While in North Carolina for mom’s birthday, the plan was for Kate to teach all the classes. That was the plan anyway – though it was not meant to be. Kate and Luke both woke up with an infection on Tuesday morning and Kate was still suffering […]

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Lateral Luke: An Aerial Display

This shot is from a few week’s ago when Luke’s GP’s were in town! Luke did a little lateral, aerial display to show his elders just what he is capable of!! The reason why it is a touch blurry is because he was flying so fast!! To […]

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Our Two Amelias!!

This past week both Katie and Monaca delivered baby girls – both named Amelia. They (Katie and Monaca) were in class together very consistently over the months, delivered only 3 days apart, and even crossed paths in the hospital. It seems their stars match. Here we have  […]

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Our Growing Family

Here are a few photos that show how beautifully our community is growing in all kinds of ways! First we have the latest on Kate’s baby who is now all of 11 days old. Baby Luke is wearing a shirt that says, “I’m child’s pose. Namaste.” And […]

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Welcome Baby Luke

A warm and loving welcome to Luke, born to parents Kate and Pat of Davidsonville, Md. Congratulations!!! Here is a short write up from Kate: “Luke was born today (Thursday, June 14) at 10:30 a.m. He weighs 8 lbs, 10 oz and is 21 inches long. Looking […]

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Me & the Rentals: “On the Road!”

(Note: In a spontaneous flow, wrote and posted this Sunday night 1/22/12, then noontime Monday had second thoughts & deleted it from this blog and my computer, & created this post. Then that evening, after receiving very positive response from Ashleigh (“great…really funny & creative”), did an […]

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Eliza: An Update 9 Months Later

Many of you may recall the pregnancy and birth of Eliza Jane (b. 4/23/11) featured here in this video. Well here she is 9 months later, thereabouts as some of the below photos are from late December. Here is Eliza along with her father, Matt, at a […]

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