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* Snow Yoga *

Well, while the big snow storm – approx 28 inches – forced us to cancel classes, this fellow made it out in the aftermath of the storm to do a pose or two.

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This is actually the road but I was not too worried about cars coming from either direction. My car was basically immobile and so were most vehicles on this day.

snow yoga #1A

As you can see I was going nowhere fast. My car is at the end of the driveway with the front end facing the “road”. I would have needed a snowmobile or reindeer to get anywhere.

snow yoga (car)

Amidst all this purity and serenity you would have thought a sublime yoga teacher like myself would have achieved perfect peace, i.e. the grand samadhi.

But it was not meant to be…

After hanging around outside for 20 min or so, I went back in only to realize an hour later that I could not find my keys – i.e. a key ring that has keys to all the major and minor halls, studios, and community centers in the area. I was at a loss as to whether I brought them out with me or not. I searched my messy room – nope not there.

The panic began to mount…

I put all my clothes back on and ran back out into the snow. One neighbor had already “gotten out” with his 4×4 and if my keys were out there they had to be found before the snow got disturbed.

I went to my handstand spot. I did not see anything. I got down on my hands and knees and started to scrounge around – even dig. I was losing hope wondering how I would ever find them – as I got up off my knees I saw the tip of a metal piece out of the corner of my eye. I stuck my hand down and alas my whole key chain was there! Never happier…

Skipped all the way back into the house and vowed never again to do handstands with unzipped pockets, especially when mother earth is blanketed with snow ensuring not a sound could be heard!

See more pics on the BOTTOM of this page and on the TOP of this page…

  1. When I got the Saturday class cancellation email I thought you meant yoga at home *inside*……

  2. WOW!!!! Loved the pics of your yard. What a beautiful place you live. Also glad you found your keys….. HA!


  3. Too funny! Thanks for sharing-so you ARE human after all…hee-hee!

  4. What a fun story, guess there is an advantage to not being able to do the advanced poses! So glad you did find your keys, it would be a long time until Spring thaw to wait for them to turn up. I spent about 5 hours cleaning our cars out yesterday and Bob was out about 6 hours working on the driveway. He has been out another 5 today finishing the driveway and clearing the mailbox. I’m thinking the yoga classes have paid off, even though we were both tired at the end of the day, neither of us had any back issues from the intense movement and activities. Guess we might see you on Wednesday if the weather cooperates


  5. yoga_mydrishti (on Twitter)

    @renyoga fabulous poses.. fabulous snow. can’t believe you are getting that much more!! where are they going to put it? wow wow wow.

  6. Here are three comments from YJ Community Blog:

    [1] Dear Satyam, your neighbors must think your crazy! Love it.:-) – Elba

    [2] =) ….not the only crazy one in MD. yoga always helps… it was rough with no heat but made the best of it. shanti. – peshosha

    [3] I love the photos. – Sironsky

  7. I loved the snow yoga pics! and the story was too funny….I read it aloud to my husband. It’s those kind of experiences that remind us we can’t take ourselves too seriously! enjoy the snow (and more on the way!)


  8. From Palomanac on Twitter

    @renyoga WOW!!!!!! tried to leave a comment on half moon pic. wouldnt let me. GLAD you found your keys. Blessings, Brother.

  9. Love your crazy snow yoga pix!

    I have a feeling that class will be canceled tomorrow. Although I have been practicing at home (though not in the snow) with yoga dvds, it just doesn’t even compare to your class. I will be SO ready to attend class again.

    Stay warm!

  10. That’s awesome! I am waiting for the snow that is coming to Connecticut so I can go out and play:)

    [jryg: From YJ Community blogsite]

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