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Simple Tips for Tree Pose

In yoga, we often find ourselves balancing on our hands, feet, forearms, elbows – you name it.

Here are a few practical tips for balancing on one foot, such as in Tree Pose, or its many variations:

1. Relax the foot that is touching the ground. Let the muscles release so the entire foot may spread into the Earth.

2. Lengthen through the entire leg without locking the knee.

3. Square the hips so they are facing forward.

4. Pull the naval in, lift up through the abs, keeep the spine erect, and match the shoulders over the hips.

5. Fix your gaze straight ahead to one far away point on the horizon.

6. Keep your chin level, facial features relaxed, and breathe evenly.

7. Ensure your body is like an arrow from the sole of the foot to the crown of the head

8. Be firm but not tense; Be courageous but not over-confident; Be aware but not self-conscious.

9. Enjoy your stance and feel how you are in perfect balance with everything!!

  1. I find it is helpful as well to let the shoulders drop and roll down the back. That helps me with balance.

    • Hi Valarie,

      Thanks so much for sharing your perceptions and experiences with us. You offer excellent advice – please do feel free to express any further reflections and observations you have on this pose.


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