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Shavasana Challenge: Oct ’17

Shavasana Challenge: Oct ’17

Shavasana has many, many benefits and it is accessible to all – so let’s explore this dynamic practice…

For the month of October we are going to explore that pose that we do at the end of every yoga class – shavasana or corpse pose. The yogis say that those corpse pose is extremely beneficial for those involved in psychic occupations- i.e. intense mental engagement, stress etc. Here is how it will work.

From Oct 1 to Oct 10, the challenge is to perform shavasana for 2 minutes every day at your home. You need not get in your yoga clothes; you need not do anything special. Simply do the pose as is. Please see details below…

Rules of the game for the Shavasana Challenge:

(a) Try and do it during daytime hours, but evening is also acceptable.

(b) Try and do it on the floor, not a couch & not your bed.

(c) Refrain from playing music during the pose.

(d) Try not to fall asleep.

(e) Do lie still on your back with your palms facing upward.

(f) Do lengthen your respirations.

(g) Try to clear the mind of any tension, chitter-chatter, and stray thoughts, by drawing your focus to the nucleus of the mind.

(h) Bask in the serenity of your practice.


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