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Sages & Sutras: Philosophy Seminar Oct 16

PhilosophySages & Sutras:
An Investigative Survey of Yogic Philosophy

Oct 16, 2p – 4:30p, Galesville Memorial Hall

$22 by Oct 12 // $27 after Oct 12

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Come discover the teachings of some of the great sages who helped shape the philosophy of yoga. Starting as far back as the time of Sadashiva and continuing forward to the present day, we will examine the major philosophical tenets and treatises including the works of Sri Krishna, Buddha, Mahaviira Jain, Maharishi Patanjali, Shankaracarya and Sri Ramakrishna.

This philosophical cum historical survey will review aspects of the Bhagavad Giita, the vedas, yogic sutras (aphorisms) and shlokas (verses), and other foundational teachings and stories. The aim will be to create a gateway into the vast arena of yogic thought and apply those principles to everyday life.

This will be a unique opportunity for dialog, questions, and the sharing of personal experiences and practices.

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