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Rock’n Road Warrior

August_2012_vacation_069Here is a joyous sight. The Ehmanns were the road warriors this past week – and along the way they visited Sara (our special guest restorative yoga phenom) in Duluth, MN. It was there that our road warriors turned into rock warriors – pulling off a joint-combo warrior II on rocks on the edge of Lake Superior – the biggest of the 5 Great Lakes.

The whole occasion was a grand reunion as Katy (in yellow), and her family, including daughter Lyla (in red), hosted Sara & her partner, Dave, during the weekend of the vegetarian potluck and restorative workshops back in late March / early April. And now here they all are in mid-August meeting up in Sara & Dave’s locale: Duluth. Katy’s husband, Brad, and son, Charlie, also made the trip. It really was a grand reunion!!

So that’s the story behind the reunion as well as how our road warrior family became rock warriors…

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  1. What a great time seeing Katy and Brad and the kids again!

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