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Revolution Challenge: Dec ’17

Revolution Challenge: Dec 2017

Small or big ways to positively impact life and refine one’s course…

In yoga, revolution primarily refers to a profound change from the inside out where one’s existence undergoes a dramatic and dynamic shift. It is something 100% positive. So for the month of December 2017 we shall explore simple, easy, and tangible ways we can achieve this in different realms of life.

For the month of December pick one or more of the below offerings – or create your own – and put that particular offering or revolutionary challenge into practice. If you create your own and care to share it, please comment below. Others may also like to try it.

Ok – here we go – look forward to hearing what you do…please let us know if you have any questions. And remember, the offerings below are merely suggestions. If you have something else in mind, proceed on!

– Do 1 or 2 minute plank everyday for a week
– Do a restorative pose every evening for 3 – 5 min
– Practice one of our Abs podcasts
– Practice a new pose 4 times a week

– Study or read a yogic / spiritual principle
– Learn a new Sanskrit word each week
– Read a parable

– Sit for meditation (5 – 10 min) every day for a week
– Do a Yoga Nidra podcast every Sunday
– Sit quietly and listen to chanting (kiirtan) / bhajans / spiritual music

– Prepare a plant-based meal one evening
– Try a dairy alternative
– Fasting (contact me)
– Replace caffeinated, sugary, or alcoholic beverages with water, herb tea etc
– Maonvrata – Observe silence for a specified period of time (1hr before bed, 1/2 day etc)

Service / Seva
– Volunteer at a food bank
– Donate to a worthy cause
– Volunteer at a school / community organization


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