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Relaxation Workshop Recap

Thanks to all who came out and made today’s workshop such a success – everyone was right on key the whole way through.

In a nutshell today’s session focused on relaxation and how to achieve it – in all realms of life, on and off that mat. The central idea being that the mind is the starting point of any kind of relaxation experience – it must stem from the mind. A well-trained and balanced mind can then maintain equipoise in even the most challenging scenarios.

So then what did we do today? We started out with a supine meditation / yoga nidra (15 – 20 min) to withdraw all our faculties inwards and gain a sense of psychic release and tranquillity.  Through this contemplative exploration, we established a direction of where we wanted to go.

We transitioned to seating breathing and came to a point of discourse – what is is relaxation, how do we identify it and how do achieve and maintain it. From this short discussion we segued into actual poses.

For the next hour or more we experimented with and discovered positions of comfort through modified restorative poses. We kept everything on the simpler side so that we could all easily re-create these poses in our own home. In this section everyone got opportunity to try variations and experience the benefits. Here the chief aim was to experiment and experience and come up with a few poses (1, 2, 3) that can become “go to” poses for easy and efficient periods of release and relaxation at home.

After this aspect of physical postures we delved again into the purely psychic arena with meditation and pranayama. Here we investigated the effect of ideation and how it enhances our mental state or quality. That was one major theme of the workshop: That essentially relaxation and reprieve is a psychic phenomenon, not purely a physical one. Physical tools can help, but to recondition there must be a psychic shift.

In the end we closed out with shavasana / yoga nidra. At this point, we all had opportunity to incorporate all the tools of the trade and bring things to a natural conclusion.

All in all, a great team assembled for the session and I felt we definitely touched on some key points that will be helpful – expect to see this type of seminar come round again soon!

Following are participant responses to the best part of the seminar was:

Realize I have the power to shift my reality to a better place.

Learning different physical postures for relaxation.

Delving deep.

Trying the poses and making them work for each one with variations + learning the techniques of breathing.

Great having everyone out for the session!!

  1. Satyam,

    I very much enjoyed your seminar. I always leave with something new to improve myself, this time the blocks and yoga mat along the spine really took the pressure off the low back. It’s a keeper. And of course the yogic breathing. It really is key to quieting the mind which is a challenge…


  2. Amazing as usual, and just what I needed at this point in my life…thank you for all the thought and effort you put into these wonderful seminars…

  3. Thank you for sharing with us ways we can come back into ourselves and find that space of clarity and relaxation. It was an amazing experience for me, especially toward the end as we were asked to breathe in all the love and then send it back out, immediately I could sense the beautiful energy from everyone in the room – I believe I was actually floating for a minute! Namaskar

  4. Thanks Cathy for sharing your experience – it is quite evident that you were deeply involved in the practice. Certainly that added to the overall vibration and flow.

    It is always wonderful having you participate in our sessions…


  5. Hi Annie & Jean,

    You both are such great supporters and engagers of all we do – thanks so much for coming out on Sunday and making it a special one!!


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