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Puerto Rico Relief Campaign: $4,045 Donated!!

Puerto Rico Relief Campaign: $4,045 Donated!!

Thank you to everyone in the Ren Yoga & Jaya Yoga community for your incredible support and generosity!!

All in all we feel our campaign and Yoga Benefit for Puerto Rico was a grand success in the wake of an absolutely horrific natural disaster that uprooted whole communities, took lives, and left many a citizen without any of their belongings. From the get go, our aim was to create awareness, acknowledge the degree of devastation that occurred, and raise whatever funds we could for our brothers and sisters of Puerto Rico. No doubt, there is still a long way to go – the rebuild in Puerto Rico will be long and arduous – yet with all of your incredible help and generous contributions we were able to emotionally and financially support our island friends. And that is all we could ask for at this point – to help make a difference in their lives and condition. So thank you again and again.

Below are a few videos of the situation in Puerto Rico, as well as an explanation – along with all receipts – of how your donations were collected and submitted to “United for Puerto Rico” – i.e. the benefit we felt could best impact the people.

This is the video currently on the “United For Puerto Rico” site…

This next video is some of the early footage from the storm….

New York Times Article: Nov 3, 2017
Also, here is a personal account in the New York Times by a former Times reporter and author who grew up in Puerto Rico 

Our Donation

How the Money Was Donated

We collected donations via three main avenues: (a) credit card, (b) personal check, and (c) cash. We received $1,340.00 in donations via credit card; $1,930.00 in donations via check; and, $675.00 in donations via cash.

At the end of the campaign, all the credit card donations made via the RenYoga site were compiled. And all the cash and check donations – whether given directly to me or Jaya – were aggregated and deposited into Jaya’s account. And then those two amounts ($1,340.00) and ($2,605.00) were donated to “United for Puerto Rico” / “Unidos por Puerto Rico” in two separate transactions. Kindly find the donation receipts below. Note: All monies were ultimately transferred via PayPal.

Finally, a separate donation of $100, specially earmarked for animal welfare, was made to the Animal Rescue Foundation of Rincon (Puerto Rico). And that receipt is also below.

#1: Donations made via credit card to the RenYoga Site

#2: Donations given to us via cash and check

#3: Donation given for animal relief on the island.  


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  1. Wonderful news! Thanks to you and Jaya for organizing.

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