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Podcast: Equanimity in Battle

calm-in-the-storm Yoga Podcast:

Equanimity in Battle

Time: 4 min 14 sec

On Saturday after class, we discussed how each and every moment in life is a battle – the good fight – against opposing and or degrading forces. This everyone faces – whether they are aware about it or not – and those who keep equanimity throughout are known as “yudhisthira”.

An email request came in to “write out” that little talk – I thought better (and easier) to make it into a short podcast – so here it is.

If ever you would like any philosophical point, story, health tip, or any other topic we discuss to be turned into a podcast, just let me know.

Hope you find this one of interest…

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  1. Michelle wrote: “I really benefited from this story in class; thanks Satyam!”

    (Via Facebook)

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