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Photo Challenge: Aug ’17

Photo Challenge: Aug 2017

Capture the spirit of summer or share with us any of your favorite photos from another time…

Over the years the RenYoga community has shared innumerable classic photos depicting all angles of life. For this month we are making another call out for your photos…

Here is what to do: (a) Take your chosen photo(s), (b) title it (optional), and (c) share a few words about it (encouraged). And yes, send it to us! Multiple entries are welcomed.

Remember, life is vast and so is the world of yoga. Feel free to select photos that reflect a vista, a mood, an event, a person, or whatever strikes you. It might be a historical shot or something from this morning. Look forward to your participation.

Here are a few of the blog posts from the last time we held a photo challenge – more than two years ago…

Also check out below some of these pics you have sent to us in the past.


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