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Story: Perched High on a Ladder

This guest blog post comes to us from Teresa…

Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to share a little story. This New Year’s Eve I had the opportunity to work my part-time job: Balloon decorating. The job was at a fancy hotel in Washington D.C. One part of the decor entailed tying seven, 3ft balloons to seven light fixtures that were about 20ft high.

As the senior worker, I was looked upon to complete this task.

While I’d never been afraid of heights per se, but once up on the ladder I was intimidated. When I climbed the ladder I thought of what I had learned from yoga and meditation. Relax, stay calm and focus on the work.

Each time I climbed the ladder I repeated this. Relax, breath, tie the balloon and do not look down or up : ) just do the work, focus on the work. Each time, the work became easier and I got through it.

I am so grateful for the practice of yoga and using it in everyday life is priceless.


Have a great Year!!


  1. Isn’t it amazing where yoga comes in handy?! It has gotten me through several root canals and MRI’s as well!
    Great story!

  2. What a great story and a reminder that yoga is not just about the mat! We can take yoga to go! Thanks for sharing!!

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