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The Vishvasa Challenge: Jan 2015

According to the ancient, great yogi Sadashiva, or simply Shiva, there are 7 secrets of success. The first secret is vishvasa (veesh + wash) meaning firm determination. Without taking firm determination before starting any task, one can never get success. So firm determination is a must. And […]

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Free Class in North Beach Jan 5

Update 1/7/15: Thanks to all who came out and made this such a great class – we had a packed house for the evening!! We will be offering a free Yoga Challenge class this coming Monday, January 5, 2015 from 6:30p – 7:30p at North Beach Recreation […]

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Holiday Sessions Recap

To close out 2014, we offered two special holiday classes: The Holiday Calm (Dec 22) & The Holiday Flow (Dec 29). Around this time of year everyone’s schedule is topsy-turvy, up and down. And the registration patterns displayed just that – registering, withdrawing, registering, withdrawing etc. But […]

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Learning with Mom – 2 Things

As part of our personal story challenge, here is a recent lesson learned – from mom of course. She arrived Tuesday afternoon and by that evening we had covered numerous topics – including my faltering eyesight. I had told her that it seemed like over the last 6 months or […]

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Our Holiday & New Year’s Schedule: Dec 22 – Jan 3

Here is an overview of what we’ve got going during this holiday season and on into the New Year…Join us whenever you can!!! Mon, Dec 22: 6:30p Holiday Calm ~ Ideal way to bring tranquility into your season ~ Tue, Dec 23: 8:30a Absolutely Abs 9a Continuing Yoga […]

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Indian Street Life – Some Things Don’t Change

Life has changed dramatically in the towns and cities of India in the last 15 years. Nearly every aspect of social life has been transformed – quickly those regions have grasped onto modern-day materialism. That has been the general trend. Even then, there are some aspects of life that […]

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The (not so) Sweet Life?

As part of this month’s “Personal Story Challenge”, this following story comes to us from Annie J: When I was about ten, my family was on vacation in the Adirondacks. Dinners were served, family-style, in a large dining hall, and milk or water was the beverage offered. One […]

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Olivia Has Arrived + More

Note: More photos were added to this post on Wed Dec 10 – see below. Merinda’s grandchild – Olivia – was born last Monday evening (Dec 1) – and these photos are from when she was a mere two or three days old. We are desperately trying […]

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2 Short Stories: Signs to D.C. & Hot Chapatis

For this month’s Personal Story Challenge, I share two short tales on the lighter side of life. Back in 1997, when I moved back east, I drove my ’78 Toyota pick-up across the country with a friend. I had been living up and down the west coast for several […]

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