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Sleep Seminar Recap

Had a wonderful turnout and great team on hand for yesterday’s seminar, A Good Night’s Rest: The Yogic Science of Sleeping. The seminar was vast in scope covering the physical, mental, emotional, and day-to-day life issues related with sleep, yet also offered specific, practical tips to enhance […]

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Dancer Pose on Newport Beach

Here is Sherrod doing dancer pose (natarajasana) during sunset on Newport Beach, California (mid-Oct ’14). Here are some pic’s from when Shrerrod’s classmate Kristen was on the west coast some months ago…

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Ode to Thursday’s Yoga Challenge

This one comes to us from Nancy Bateman who readily shares of her class experience… Ode to Thursday’s Yoga Challenge No mercy does he cut you Nor give you any slack It doesn’t matter if you’re eight-two Or have an aching back Pregnancy no hindrance To the […]

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Yoga Pose & Poetry Medley

Thanks Sherrod for this wonderful array of poses and poetry… Triangled in down-ward facing dog I become canine, arch and stretch, Imaging a yawn and a good scratch would be nice, Or maybe a nap? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Standing balanced on foot ‘balls’ knees flexed hips tucked chest open […]

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Haiku, Yoga And Time

A little explanation is needed. Yesterday I received an email from someone at 1:50pm stating that due to pressure of circumstances they would not be able to attend the 2p seminar that day. I wrote back and informed them that indeed the seminar started at 2p, but […]

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Yoga with Southern Cross-Country Team

Had a wonderful yoga session this past week with the Southern High School cross-country team at Coach Ellmore’s farm. The weather was absolutely perfect and the student-athletes were focused on their practice. We worked on everything from range of motion, to strength, to balance & more. Here […]

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Parable – Cracked Pot (Video)

Thanks Diana (Wed evening, Sat morning) for this wonderful slide-show / video for the Poetry Challenge. Here you can see all entries to the Poetry Challenge…

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The Oyster Pose Poem

Here for our Poetry Challenge is an original from Sherrod: Oyster is my favorite pose – like its namesake bivalve I curl in on myself – forehead cradled by feet – then shut out the world and filter my thoughts… [Moderator’s Note: The writer’s above described experience […]

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“Blessed Are You Who…”

This poem for the Poetry Challenge comes to us from Debbie (Tue, Thurs, Fri mornings) and every so often we have had the joy of having her daughter in class as well. Debbie writes, “This a poem from an unknown author that has special meaning to me […]

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Poem on Sleeplessness & Yoga Haiku

Here Sherrod sends us two pieces for the Poetry Challenge. Sherrod was keen on attending the upcoming sleep workshop, but is unable to make it. It seems though that was the spirit and impetus behind her sending this first poem. Poem for Sleep The pillow hot On […]

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