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8 1/2 Months

As usual, Katie came in for her practice this past Wednesday (7/18/12) for a little stretch and relaxation. Here she is at 8 1/2 months, though really closer to 8.6 months as she is due July 31. Nothing like a little forearm balance to keep one’s equilibrium… […]

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Life, Death & Samskara: Recap

Well we had a very solid team turn out for today’s seminar, Life, Death & Samsakra. Everyone did very well with the depth and breadth of information presented. Indeed, they kept pushing the boundaries of the discussion. We created a veritable web of connection as we applied […]

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Podcast: Making the Unknown Known

A Meditative Podcast: Making the Unknown Known Time: 9 min 22 sec In this unscripted, meditative podcast uncover one of the most unique aspects of our meditation practice. What is it that makes meditation so different from other endeavors and how does this intuitional approach make the […]

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Yoga in the Salt Flats

Here is our dear yogini Andrea striking a clean dancer pose in the Bonneville salt flats of UT. This is definitely a neat shot of one being amongst the vastness of life. The shot is “as is” – a true representation. The contrast between earth and sky […]

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Intermediate Yoga Workshop: Sun, Aug 19

Intermediate Workshop – Register Now Sun, Aug 19, 2p – 4:30p, Galesville Hall $25 by Aug 15; $30 after Aug 15 In this open forum, we will deepen our knowledge, advance our practice & explore poses like triangle, half moon, and their variations as well as challenging […]

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On the Road

On her trip back across the US to Vacaville, CA, Andrea took a pit-stop to tend to the needful… Andrea writes us: took a break and did some stretching! will miss everyone monday! Not bad at all: Tree pose in jeans on what certainly must be a […]

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Everyone Has A Song to Sing

In this magnanimous universe, each and every entity has their own unique song: birds, crocodiles, swans, loons, folk singers – everyone has their verse, including Cadie. Depicted above is our illustrious yogini Ms Frannie relaxing on her couch as she presents her expert harmonica playing. Never one […]

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Podcast: Yoga Nidra – 1

Yoga Nidra I Time: 15 min 41 sec Props are optional Yoga Nidra I is the latest in our ongoing podcast series. This is a practice that literally anyone and everyone can do. It is a way to clear the mind and ease the body into a […]

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Comings, Goings & Congratulations

In this summer of 2012, we have many changes in our local yoga community – so let’s take a moment to honor and recognise some of these life transitions. ON THE MOVE… Carolyn Rodis: Carolyn and her husband, Elloyd  – long-time residents of south county and great […]

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Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart Chakra Meditation Time: 11 min 36 sec This short meditative-cum-philosophical session offers an opportunity to expand the domain of the heart. The heart chakra, or anahata chakra, is the 4th chakra and is deeply connected with not only our own sentimentality and compassion, but also with […]

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