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Simplify Life: Recap

Yesterday, we held our seminar, “Simplify Life with the Ancient Codes of Yoga“, where we pursued an investigation of yama and niyama and applied that to daily living. A dry theoretical pursuit it was not as we addressed all kinds of life situations using the yogic codes […]

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Why Meditation Is So Empowering

As we enter week #3 of our Meditation Challenge (Aug 15 – 21), it is time again to reflect on why we meditate and why it is so important. There are a number of ways to address this, but perhaps the most significant is that meditation is […]

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Podcast: Office Yoga For Everyone

 Podcast: Office Yoga For Everyone Time: 6 min 55 sec This short podcast is ideal for those who spend extended periods at a desk or work station and need a quick “refresh.” This practice will help you revitalize body and mind – and you won’t even have […]

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Week #2: Meditation Challenge (Aug 8 – 14)

Welcome to week #2 of the Meditation Challenge! Week #1 was quite the start; many shared their experiences, challenges, insights, and successes. It was really wonderful to hear from everyone. While we get going into week #2, we want to do all we can to keep the […]

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How To Use a Foam Roller: Stretch & Relieve Muscles

Recently after some classes I was talking about the use of a roller to relieve muscle tension. It is not something I have done a lot of but I have used it of late and found it helpful. Here below are “how to” videos that I found […]

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7-Day Meditation Challenge ~ Starts Aug 1

We all know meditation is beneficial – good for body, good for mind, good for life. After all, it only makes sense: The mind is the controlling point of our human existence. When the mind is calm and pure then all layers of our human existence are […]

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Timelapse From Space

Every so often we all need a reminder about where we are in this cosmos and that there is an indeed a grand universe to explore. At the same time let us remember the yogic ideal: What is outside is inside and what is inside is outside […]

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Music Seminar Recap – Audio File

Wonderful to have everyone out for yesterday’s Music, Movement, & Meditation seminar. With Anthony Malatesta’s intuitive and dynamic music – playing his guitar in the style of a sitar (podcast below) – all gained opportunity to experience their practice in a new way. The afternoon featured yoga […]

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Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls

A Meditative Podcast: Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls Time 23 min 37 sec This yoga nidra podcast explores the deeper aspects of rest and relaxation. This is a wonderful way to de-stress and regain your overall composure. Experience how both the physical and mental bodies come into […]

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Simplify Life with the Ancient Codes of Yoga: Sun Aug 18

 Simplify Life with the Ancient Codes of Yoga Sun, Aug 18, 2p – 4:30p Galesville Memorial Hall $25 by Aug 14; $30 after Aug 14 Register In the words of the great American thinker, Henry David Thoreau, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.” In this complex, ultra-modern, materialistic era, this […]

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