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Thunderstorm on West River

Thunderstorm on West River Here is another offering from Lynn – the blues & grays are quite intense, as is the movement in the sky. Lynn tells us:  It’s a creek on Cumberstone Rd. I’m told it’s called ”Intercepting Creek” but I cannot find reference to that […]

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Yoga in the Mystical High Desert

Yoga in the Mystical Landscape of the High Desert For the Photo Challenge, Robyn sends us these shots natural wonder, beauty and communion. Here are a few pics I took from Sedona, AZ. Thought I’d share photos of a very spiritual place to me. Thanks so much […]

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How To Do Happy Baby Pose

Authentic Demo: Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana) As we move onwards in our Photo Challenge, we received this great shot of Olivia doing her finest rendition of “Happy Baby Pose.” She is also looking directly at you as if to say, “Well what are you waiting for – […]

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Flowering Spring

The flowering of spring As part of this month’s Photo Challenge, see these blooming beauties from Pennie’s garden. She writes: I wanted to share these photo from my garden as the essence of spring. The Iris is a legacy from my Mother’s garden where they grew for […]

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One World ~ One Yoga Event: Photos & Recap

Had a wonderful inaugural One World – One Yoga festival at Wetlands Overlook Park (North Beach, MD) on Saturday May 9. Wonderful to have so many people come out and join in – and a very nice showing from the Renaissance Yoga community. The morning started out a […]

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Life is a Balancing Act

“Life is a Balancing Act” As part of the Photo Challenge, Tina shares with us some scenes from her garden – which she has aptly titled. Specifically she has included rock-balancing sculptures in her garden. As we all know from our own yoga practice, balancing is as […]

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Sunset Photo: “Ribbon of light at water’s edge”

“Ribbon of light at water’s edge” This entry for the Photo Challenge comes to us from Liz S. She writes: Thought of this sunrise I took back in April. I loved how a ribbon of light reflected at the water’s edge. Another blessed day in the horizon! […]

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Yin & Yang – & Rainbows in Hawaii

Yin & Yang This stunning contribution is from Stephanie – from her very recent trip with her young son. Stephanie writes: This is my favorite photo from my and Sammy’s recent trip to Hawaii. My mother, brother, and I hiked to the top of Diamond Head crater […]

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Glass Wonders

These gems for the Photo Challenge come to us from Nancy B… Blue Bottle View   Sea Glass Glow   While Nancy did not submit the below for the photo challenge per se, I decided to bring it in from the archives…

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