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Video: Monkeys Demand Fairness

Monkeys & Justice Even monkeys know that there should be justice in this world…. …and when we come across injustice we ought to rattle the cage and set things straight. Isn’t that how it should go? The call for justice is indeed a universal human tenet. And […]

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Following Dr’s Orders – Strictly

When post-op for a meniscus (knee) repair one must follow the doctor’s orders very strictly. The surgeon gave the instruction to keep the leg elevated – and Kirk is doing just that, albeit in revolved half-moon with a staff! The surgery was Friday, i.e. a mere 4 […]

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Baby Yoga: Luke in L-Shaped Handstand

It is truly hard to conceive how a 20-month-old could support himself on his arms in L-shaped handstand. Check out what boy-wonder Luke is up to in these photos. Also give credit where credit is due for that faceplant (lower left) – oh wait a sec, there […]

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How To Avoid Wrist Pain In Your Practice

We all want to stay injury-free; that is a given. From time to time, pains and aches may arise due to life circumstances or daily living patterns. In our present era, wrist issues do arise due to keyboarding etc and those can play in to your yoga […]

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Gravity Glue: The Art of Rock Balancing

In the spirit of last month’s Self-Expression Challenge, here is a unique piece on balancing that comes to us by way of our good friend Lori in PA… For more information and to see great photos check out his site…

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Fasting Challenge: April 2014

April is upon us and with it – The Fasting Challenge. Here we are going to embrace fasting in the broadest sense of the term. By replacing certain food choices for healthier ones, we aim to make the body & mind cleaner, lighter, and more pure. So […]

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Growing Yoga Family

Reza (you have to see his skydiving video) and Monaca (see 2nd photo of this post) are Saturday regulars. And in the last 19 months they have had two children – both girls, Ameila & Sophia. Both of whom attended dozens and dozens of yoga classes while […]

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A Window Into Dave’s World

As we march on in March’s Self-Expression Challenge we have received some shots of David’s practice and trade… Being a sailor’s sailor, first David is giving proof that he does not spend all his time at sea – sometimes he hangs out at the beach as well. […]

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Nancy’s Moss Wreath

Here is the next piece for March’s Self-Expression Challenge. The submissions are coming in fast as the end of the month nears. There are limited hours in the day and when you have a big and growing family as well as a quota of 6 hours of […]

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Galley Skier

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes – its seed is in the mind – creating something where there was nothing. Here Candy – a sailor supreme – was spending a snowy spring/winter day (i.e. St Patty’s Day) in the galley of her boat when… …she got […]

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