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Baking Bread & Other Weekend Events

Baking Bread & Other Weekend Events Here is a potpourri of weekend happenings…. Stunning Loaves Let’s just be blunt here…if I could bake bread like this I would quit teaching yoga!! Jeannie writes us: I learned how to make artisanal sourdough bread from Jeanette Warne, who bakes […]

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Ice-skating Yoga: Side Plank

Ice-skating Yoga: Side Plank There are lots of ways to get through an extreme cold spell!! Here is Tree keeping warm during the frigid temps by lacing up her skates, cutting the ice, and doing side plank on a snow-covered lake!!! More Outdoor Yoga Scenes in the […]

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Meeting: Proposed Solar Plant – Wed, Jan 17 @ 6:15p

Community Meeting: Proposed Solar Plant Wed, Jan 17 @ 6:15p at Galesville Community Center 916 West Benning Rd, Galesville, MD 20765 Note: This meeting is not at Galesville Memorial Hall, but rather at the Galesville Community Center on West Benning Rd. Do You Want This to be a […]

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Question Challenge: Compilation

Question Challenge: Compilation Here is a collection of Q & A’s from this month’s challenge – most recent submission are at the top. All are welcome to participate in the Question Challenge. Here are the questions (along with their answers) we have received thus far… #7: This next […]

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Question Challenge: Jan ’18

Question Challenge: Jan ’18 Here is an opportunity to raise those long-lost or new inquiries about everything yoga… Human life is about progress, growth, and expanding our psychic horizons. To that end, we usher in the New Year with the Question Challenge. Here is how it will […]

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Airplane Food Ain’t What It Used to Be – Thankfully!

Airplane Food Ain’t What It Used to Be – Thankfully! The array of vegan, vegetarian, and sattvika (sentient) menu offerings is quite remarkable…. In the last 25 years, the world has become much more vegan / vegetarian friendly. For those interested in a plant-based diet, the availability […]

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Help! Unidentified Gnome

Help! Unidentified Gnome This guy popped up this holiday season and we are trying to find his home….if you have any info let us know…. For more details read below… Here is what we know thus far: * This is a bearded Yoga Gnome * The Gnome […]

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Holiday Week Yoga: Dec 25 – Jan 2

Holiday Week Yoga: Dec 25, 2017 – Jan 2, 2018 Roll through the holidays and into the New Year with us…. Mon, Dec 25 No Classes – Holiday Tue, Dec 26 8:30a Absolutely Abs 9a Continuing Yoga Wed, Dec 27 No Classes – in NY Thurs, Dec […]

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Nitro: (Back) on the Path of Yoga

Nitro: (Back) on the Path of Yoga So Nitro “officially” ended his yoga hiatus (for maturity purposes) and has started to coming to class for real. His first day back was Thursday, Nov 30. Here are a few photos of Nitro from Tues Dec 5 at the […]

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UPDATED==>> Snow Cancellation – Sat Dec 9

“My Bad” It is now 2p on Sat Dec 9 and it is abundantly evident that we could have held class this morning – “my bad”, as they say… But just to make the point perfectly clear, here is a photo someone sent me of Galesville Hall. […]

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