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“Blessed Are You Who…”

This poem for the Poetry Challenge comes to us from Debbie (Tue, Thurs, Fri mornings) and every so often we have had the joy of having her daughter in class as well. Debbie writes, “This a poem from an unknown author that has special meaning to me […]

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Poem on Sleeplessness & Yoga Haiku

Here Sherrod sends us two pieces for the Poetry Challenge. Sherrod was keen on attending the upcoming sleep workshop, but is unable to make it. It seems though that was the spirit and impetus behind her sending this first poem. Poem for Sleep The pillow hot On […]

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Untitled Reflections

The Poetry Challenge surges on… This untitled piece comes to us from Mary B (Tues Abs & Fri mornings) – with a key word added by her husband. This poem came to be while Mary was on a walk at a park in Bowie. Yoga can be […]

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Video Poetry: “To A Louse”

Here below is the next entry for this month’s Poetry Challenge. Believe it or not – this was made States-side – not across the pond….  “To  A Louse” by Robert Burns (1759 – 1796) – Annie (the one on the left) tells us that the last verse […]

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i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)

The below entry to our Poetry Challenge comes to us from Annie…(and I understand she is sending something else as well…) i carry your heart with me(i carry it in m heart) By E. E. Cummings i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)i […]

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Student Spotlight: Ileana

Here we meet up with Ileana of Dunkirk  – podcast below – to discuss her yoga practice, the plank challenge, and her approach to life. Along the way, Ileana graciously reveals her secrets to longevity and more. You may be surprised by her age and what she […]

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Ode to Tuesday Morning (Abs Class)

Here is my (Jean’s) own work, a salute to Abs Class – (See Jean’s other poetry offering on Tao Te Ching) Ode to Tuesday Morning Jean Rupard There is a yogi named Satyam, Who makes me believe in who I am. He leads me through asanas all […]

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Tao – Path to Serenity

After class this morning, I told everyone that my in-box was inundated with submissions for the Poetry Challenge. They laughed heartily, as they then knew I had not received any. Jean was in class and has since done due diligence and is the first to submit poems […]

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There is Only One Race in the World

To get the Poetry Challenge rolling, here is a poem written by the great Bengali poet, Satyendranath Dutta (1882 – 1922) – photo below. There is only one race in the world, And that is the human race, Nourished with the milk of the same Mother Earth, […]

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Poetry Challenge: Oct 2014

Update: Here is a compilation of all the poems received thus far – please browse & read… Come October 1 we begin our Poetry Challenge. On the path of yoga, we aim to be physically fit, mentally sharp, and spiritually aware – that means growth in all […]

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