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Over-Protective Mother, Not!!

FamilyRecently Ashleigh, Matt, Eliza (3 1/2 months) and their two pups went on an outing to Gunpowder Falls State Park.

It looks like they are about to have a wonderful outing and enjoy the beautiful day.

A perfect, relaxing time….

Indeed Eliza in particular was happy about getting out of Dodge. After being couped up in the womb and then couped up in the mobile basket carrier, she was feeling ready to explore the world.


Personally I think that Eliza was also quite excited about getting some quality time in with D-A-D.

Indeed, with Eliza safe and secure with Dad, then Ashleigh opted to venture off…

…and indeed look what she found.

Here is Ashleigh among the trees.

Tree_PoseVery neat shot – most certainly. Even Boots (the wolf-like entity in the lower right corner of the frame) was deeply involved, making sure Ashleigh’s pose was in proper form.

So you might think that that was all mom did that day – but uh-uh.

Check out what came next…

Seeing this below picture it is hard to imagine Ashleigh ever being an over-protective mom. Think about it: Crow Pose – approx 14 feet off the ground on a slanted rock! And she’s facing the downward sloping side.

Crow_PoseSo what did we do? We submitted this photo to Yoga Journal for their special “backpage” section where they display full size pics of people practicing yoga in neat places in interesting ways.

We are hoping this one catches their eye.

If not, nothing lost. We have our own special home for this.

So what about Matt: He calm, cool & collected one holding the baby, and the dogs, and the camera!!

See bigger versions of the photos here…

Plus here is our professionally made video -documentary of Ashleigh’s pregnancy: Watch the Video…

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