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Our Growing Family

Kate's Baby (2)Here are a few photos that show how beautifully our community is growing in all kinds of ways!

First we have the latest on Kate’s baby who is now all of 11 days old. Baby Luke is wearing a shirt that says, “I’m child’s pose. Namaste.” And indeed he is!!

It is wonderful to watch Luke grow and develop – he is the personification of generation: All that sleep brings strength, cellular growth, and so much subtle progress on the path.

Here is a post narrating Luke’s entry into this world…

Next up we have some of the babies from the Johnson household – Their roof garden!

Anniegarden2_convertedHere you can see the overall perspective which shows all the plants perched on the Johnson rooftop. They are all lined up neatly along the slanted roof – it is not that the heavy plants tilted the roof.

So it is a dynamic endeavor that included ropes and ladders in order to tend to all those plants. It entails some work – as with everything worthwhile in life. Prior, it was not possible to garden on the property due to the abundance of trees. But now look at how well everything is growing up on the roof!

Anniegarden3_convertedAs you can see their garden is growing by leaps and bounds – even becoming jungle-like. Yet all the while there is a sense of order and plenty of support to lend a helping hand!

Annie & Co have been gracious in sharing their bounty and I must say that their greens and herbs are all first-class!!

For more about this rooftop gardening adventure, check out this blog post which shows how it all got started.

Tell us how you and your team are growing in life!!!

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