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Mother Nature & Yoga

M1110003The weather today was absolutely perfect – it was perfect for the women’s day event at Jug Bay and it was perfect for doing yoga outside at the women’s day program at Jug Bay.

When I arrived on scene, they were hiking up the trail fresh off of their canoe trip. Everyone looked healthy – nourished by the sun, earth, water and air, as well as by each others fine company. It was an ideal way to conclude the day and start a yoga session – as yoga was the final segment of the day’s program.M1110011 So that is what we did.

We breathed, stretched, balanced, lunged and more. Everyone participated in a nice way.

This was our 3rd Jug Bay women’s day retreat wherein we donate a yoga session in support of Jug Bay’s fine contribution to ecological balance and in support of woman’s great contribution to societal balance.

It was nice to see such a great turnout for women’s day at Jug Bay. Of course anyone M1110015who attends is in for a real treat with Lindsay and Diane as their guides.

So this year for yoga we were in the field whereas in years past the gatherings were small enough that we could all fit on the observation deck. Practicing on the grass amidst the trees was a wonderful occasion.

So Jug Bay is a great local spot – if you haven’t been do plan for a morning of afternoon – it is a great place to enjoy the season.


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