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Monica in Massachussetts

Monica Sizemore-1 (comp)

After a recent yoga retreat in Boston, Monica Sizemore, 4th Chakra Photography, was head over heels, or make that heels over head. Retreats can do that!

Monica is a professional photographer and long time yoga practitioner. We first met 2 – 3 years ago in a Community Yoga class. In  a very short time she agreed to do the cover shoot for our Yoga/Sitar CD as well as the shoot for the inside booklet.

Needless to say, she did beautiful work!

As you can see from both of these pictures, Monica has an excellent eye – as well as wonderful form.

Monica Sizemore-2 (comp)This second shot here combines so many elements: light, stillness, action, and so much more!

The man’s seated posture is quite good – a nice straight back – and Monica’s wheel pose is very nicely done – on a bench no less. The main difference is that Monica does not smoke cigars.

Please do share with us your yoga pics from your travels!!

  1. Love your Blog – and, in particular, articles on my daughter 🙂

  2. COOL pics! looks like fun.

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