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Meditation: Space of Stillness

stillness Meditation:

Space of Stillness

Podcast: 11min 33sec

Here below is the first in our series of free meditation podcasts. This collection has grown out of ongoing, recorded, one-on-one, private sessions.

Basically we get together, talk, and delve into meditations according to the queries, inspirations and topics that arise.

We decided that others might also be interested in exploring these mediations as well. Already a number have been recorded and we look forward to sharing more as we proceed along this journey.

The recordings vary so be sure to experiment with them as they are released and hopefully you will find some that appeal to you.

This particular meditation aims at serenity, pain-relief, and finding a space of stillness within.

  1. Satyam, this is wonderful!! Have used it 3 nights in a row now – think I might finally get a consistent home meditation practice going with these podcasts. Thank you! Right now the thoughts on pain were very welcome…going to try the newest one
    this weekend, and thought I might as well put in a request now: I’d love one based on the chakra workshop we did last weekend. The guided visualization of each of the chakra’s location, color, shape were just amazingly helpful…THANKS!

  2. Thank you Satyam, I practiced this meditation today and it felt wonderful.

  3. I think you’re doing a fantastic service to the community – offering these podcasts! pls keep them coming! and keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks everyone for your supportive thoughts…I believe I already replied to Annie and Holly individually.

    Jane – great hearing from you – you are inspiring me to post more – so they will be coming!


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