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Life, Death & Samskara ~ Sun July 22

samskaraLife, Death & Samskara

Sun, July 22, 2p – 4:30p

Galesville Memorial Hall

$25 by July 18 // $30 after July 18

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Since long, yogis have been seeking to unravel the cosmic mystery of birth, life, & death. This seminar goes to the very core of yogic philosophy and life outlook: An outlook that is founded on spirituality, idealism, opportunity, and practicality.

A key element in all of this is the theory of action and reaction, and understanding how samskaras (reactions in potential form) work.

This workshop will be a highly-interactive, discussion-based forum where all will get the opportunity to reflect, share, question, and walk away with a broadened view of life, from the perspective of the yogi. This seminar is for anyone and everyone interested in big ideas and an extremely positive vision.

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