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Intermediate Yoga Recap

Yesterday afternoon’s Intermediate Yoga workshop was a great, great gathering as we had a wonderful team for the occasion.

We started up with introductions and a brief overview and then headed into some quiet breathing and contemplation. After some gentle and moderate movements to get warmed-up, we began our in-depth review of specific sequences and their variations:

(1) Downward Dog -> Plank -> Chaturaunga Dandasana -> Upward Dog

(2) Triangle & Revolved Triangle

(3) Bound Side Angle & Half Moon

(4) Arm Balances: Crow, Side Crow, & Side Plank w/ variations

(5) Lunges into Balance Postures

(6) Inversions: Shoulderstand & Fish, Forearm Stand & Handstand

And no doubt there was more that was done, as well as more that we would have liked to do.

The aim was again and again reinforced that one need not do ALL the poses of yoga to get the benefits. Here our aim was accessibility to the posture in one way or another, or find alternative sequencing & poses.

Lastly we closed out with a short (10-15 min) restorative session where all found positions of comfort and support; that was followed by seated meditation.

Thanks to all who came out making this a successful seminar!

  1. This is always one of my favorites – wonderful as usual! Especially liked the chataraunga refreshers. Thanks!

  2. I agree with Annie, always great. I could slow poses down and think and adjust as I needed to. I really enjoyed the restoration poses at the end.

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