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Hurricane Irene: Backyard Video & Story

I was starting to think I would never get my power back, though I know now that many of you lost power for longer than I did, and some may still be without power.

As I write below – once it became apparent that actual damage in our area was at a minimum – the aftermath of Irene became a good (albeit too lengthy) exercise in living without; I called upon all my backpacking knowledge and Indian village living experiences from years ago. And yes, I have renewed appreciation for electricity – and the fact that I need a new generator.

Anyway, I’ll share more tales of my adventures with Hurricane Irene below. First here is some footage of Hurricane Irene from my driveway, about 6 or 7 hours past her peak, on Sunday morning, Aug 29, 20011.

Once the hurricane went on her way, the sun came out – SUNday after noon. And it stayed out for days. How wonderful – because I know at my place there was a basic void of amenities and to have picture perfect weather was helpful while the power was out.

Fortunately, ahead of time we filled up 55 gallon drums of water and oh-so-many buckets. So we were able to bathe daily, very similar to bathing at the old hand pump of your basic Indian village: Just pouring water over the head with your  plastic vessel.

Cooking Outside

And here is how the cooking was done – very chic I know.

All in all we lost power from late Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning, 7am. Though it did seem longer, I admit.

I do hope everyone is now in the clear and getting by – if not back to normal.

As for yoga – well it went on. Monday I had a session scheduled with the Loyola Cross-Country teams and as they were at full power, I made the afternoon trip up and had a wonderful session with the team. They were an outstanding group and I look forward to returning in winter for pre-season. Taking a shower in the locker was a big bonus.

Then early Tuesday morning I left to teach (prior to my getting power back) and really did not know if anyone would be coming or not – nor if the St James hall had power or not (it did not on Monday). But yes it did have power! Plus, considering the circumstances, had a great morning turnout – 9 for abs and 18 for general yoga.

And last night again went out for yoga not knowing if the Christ Church Hall would have power (it did not on Monday). Once again, there was power. And not only that, 3 minutes after we started our class – with the doors open and the lights off – a power truck stopped by as they did not see any lights on! They got out of the truck, walked up and actually asked us if we had power –  – what service!!

And as I understand, Galesville Hall is ready to go for today – so things are mostly back to normal. Hope you have full power and please do tell us your tales and stories from Hurricane Irene.

Here is another short video clip of trees swaying in the post hurricane wind.

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  1. like camping, but at the house. Glad all is well.

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