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Hot Drink Challenge: Feb ’18

Hot Drink Challenge: Feb ’18

Share with us your favorite recipes during this mid-winter month…

Hopefully the worst of the cold, frigid weather is behind us. Nonetheless, February is a classic mid-winter month. While some of us go away to warm up, like my mom who is headed to Cuba this month, the rest of us are left to more traditional means of keeping warm – like drinking a hot drink.

My main “go-to”, as many of you may know, is warm lemon water with a touch of salt. But admittedly, this winter I have been branching out into other realms, most notably using ginger, turmeric, among others. But still, mine fall in the category of simple to moderately simple. And there are some great, tastier, and more exotic ones out there – like this special turmeric hot drink.

Other grand ingredients might include almond milk, clove, cider, cardamom, agave, honey, or who knows what your favorite is. So share your top choices with us.

Here are a few “rules” of the game:
#1: Google it or invent it, but be sure to first taste it.
#2: Kindly refrain from alcoholic & caffeinated beverages / recipes
#3: Be adventurous and creative, or hopelessly dull.
#4: Send me your recipe or add it below in the comment section.
#5: Photos welcomed, nay encouraged.


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