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Heart Chakra Meditation


Heart Chakra Meditation

Time: 11 min 36 sec

This short meditative-cum-philosophical session offers an opportunity to expand the domain of the heart.

The heart chakra, or anahata chakra, is the 4th chakra and is deeply connected with not only our own sentimentality and compassion, but also with the greater cosmos as well.

Join us in this short meditative experience.

(Note: Kindly understand that this was recorded back in May when I had a moderate case of laryngitis – that is why my voice sounds different in this one – thanks for your patience.)

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  1. Tried it last night, and loved it, especially all the compassion in the thoughts you shared…a great addition to the meditation podcast library…

  2. Thank you for offering this moment of quietness, and going within…my breath was moving with the cosmic breath, very gently.

  3. Chakra healing is slow but after practicing it from past 5 months, it has brought peace in my life. It improves your meditation practice as well as helps in spiritual empowerment. Chakras are the subtle energy centers in a human body that emit and absorb universal energies. Chakras Balancing is the single most important factor in Yoga that affects the physical and psychological well-being of a person.

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