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Hangin’ at the Beach

Jean Handstand 1 (comp)Ahhh…summer: Sunshine, beaches, family outings & handstands!!

Here is Jean Rupard, one of our NECC faithful, airing it out under the sun!

You might think that Jean is flanked by curiosity seekers, but alas – no. Those are her grandchildren!! And it did not take long until gram’ got them into the act – is that a cool grandma or what!!Jean Handstand 2 (comp)

So here they are!! For the first 2 minutes, they all had their legs perfectly straight together, and then as a grand finale they decided to shake it out a little and do an inverted dance! That is what we see here.

The moral of the story: If you think you are going to have a relaxed day at the beach with grandma – think again!!

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  1. cute, grandmas always bring on fun : )

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