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Governor’s Service Award

AnnettaAll too often in life, the headlines are about those up to no good – here we have something totally different.

Annetta and Edson Cook of south county have been presented the Governor’s Award for Service for their many, tireless hours of helping those in need. They were part of a small, select group to win the award.

Annetta and Ed were nominated for the award by Partners in Care where they offer rides to permit seniors to remain independent in their homes.

Their role with Hospice is special tasks: Annetta shops for the Mandrin In- patient house & Ed does special errands.

Their social service, however, does not end there. They are involved in food and clothing distribution, fund-raising, and much, much more. Perhaps most telling is the amount of time each day that gets dedicated for the well-being of others – where mornings, afternoons and evenings are regularly spent in transporting patients, knitting scarves, hats & mittens for those without, cultivating plants to be used for fund-raisers, food preparation, amongst their many community oriented endeavors. Her service work spans all ages from school kids to the elderly and touches those from all sections of society.

That was what I found most inspiring: That in the course of their busy lives, a tremendous of time and energy is spent helping those who really need support. They have been able to successfully incorporate this into their daily life schedule; not a day goes by without helping someone, somewhere.

In between her service endeavors, Annetta comes to our classes and workshops – especially restorative and meditative seminars.

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  1. This is amazing and so inspiring! Talk about living your beliefs…

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