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Family / Friends Free: July 2017

Family / Friends Free: July 2017

Bring folks new to RenYoga for a free class during the month….

It’s summer, perhaps you have lifelong friends coming to visit, or your spouse, or sibling etc has some extra time, then bring them to class with you – FREE. Here is how it works…

During the month of July we are offering a single free yoga class to friends and family who have never been to one of our classes before – when they come with you. So there are three stipulations:

(1) They’ve never been to one of our classes before.
(2) One free class per person (that means you may bring one person free at a time, and over the course of the month you bring a 2nd or 3rd person free).
(3) They have to come with you.

Pretty easy right – look forward to meeting your family members and friends.


  1. Is any class free for a friend, or just Tuesday?

    • Any class…just have them come on in 🙂

      • Oh I see, that Tuesday night free link you are seeing is from a special we ran years ago – that is an old blog post….that has nothing to do with the current July 2017 special…

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