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Video: Elephant Baby Rescue

Elephant Baby Rescue

Here elephants use their brawn and brains – and most importantly their feeling of collective welfare – to rescue their little toddler.

There is a great lesson in this for our present humanity. As strong and as smart as we may be, that strength & smartness should always be used for helping those in need – not any self-centered agenda.

As we develop as a humanity, slowly we are making our way in the right direction, with a few growing pains here and there.Yoga and meditation will certainly help illumine the proper pathway – enabling us to create a world-based human society upon on the pillars of peace, security and universal benevolence.

Enjoy watching the elephants!!!


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  1. This is so inspirational and a wonderful piece you posted Satyam. Thank you so much, as an animal lover this really did make me smile.

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