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Eating for Healing & Health: Recap

20111113_170644Well, Bethanne & Kenny did it again! Today we held our 4th ever Eating Healthy seminar and it was a smashing, sumptuous success. We had a full house (18) for the event – a mix of Renaissance Yoga yoginis and Bethanne groupies.

The seminar was  smooth & seamless throughout with plenty of tasty dishes for all to try, savor, and take home. We started off with “breakfast” and enjoyed donut holes (vegan of course!) that were tasty, sweet & moist. And there was much more such as energy bars, and other treats to give your morning a GO.

20111113_170820Lunch featured great salads including “fall slaw” with maple tahini dressing (shown here), a colorful herb and kale tabouli / tabbouleh, Marrakesh red lenil soup over fresh organic chard, and more.

Of course the great thing with Bethanne is that along the way you learn all about the properties of the foods, their healing qualities, where to get them, how to prepare the dish, and how to enjoy it. So each dish becomes a whole presentation & experience unto itself – and the entire time Kenny is quietly plugging away as the sous-chef par extraordinaire making sure everything is ready and on track.

After a great “lunch” we had a few snacks – what else!?! How about 2 kinds of popcorn that was really cauliflower: One style raw and seasoned to perfection and another dehydrated. Everyone got to pick their favorite.

20111113_180928So after breakfast, lunch, and snacks (of which there were multiple of everything), we had dinner.

Here is a wonderful asian noodle dish with kelp noodles and I believe this is also the dish where we used the spiralizer with a wonderful daikon radish. And of course the sesame-everything sauce was out of this world.

20111113_181139Here is what it looked like when it was completed – a perfect presentation as always!

Then we had a stuffed butternut squash casserole which was baked magnificently – and tasted even better!

Here you have to understand that the array of ingredients, the meticulous preparation and the tasting experience is unparalleled. Top of all we learned the secret to making this at home – and it is easier than you think.

Finally, after breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner we had – dessert. And there was a great selection!!

20111113_183128We had desserts like superfood brownie bites, chocolate chip cherry bites, cookies, and an incredible raw pumpkin parfait with cranberries and ginger “whipped cream” made from soaked cashews, coconut oil and more. The parfait was built in layers and everyone made their own. It was truly a work of art and tasted even better!

But to be honest, no matter what I write and how many pictures I post – you really had to be there to experience it. And it was that – AN EXPERIENCE!!!

Last but not least, we had such a great community of people present who shared, learned, and took delight in the whole program. Special thanks also to Frannie for running such a tidy ship.

Everyone left with a recipe book, plenty of food for tomorrow, and a warm feeling inside. All in all a great experience – see you at the next one!!! It is not to be missed…

  1. Oh my gosh,, Bethanne was super–she is such a kind person accommodating me so much when she found out I was diabetic, she is also very knowledgeable..the workshop was great!!!!! Daphne

  2. What a fantastic afternoon! I’m making the move from vegetarian to vegan, and have really been trying to pay attention to the alkaline/acid mix, and this workshop gave me so many great strategies, and wonderful recipes..The whole workshop was so above and beyond my expectations. When is the next one?

  3. This was such perfect timing for me as I had recently watched “Forks Over Knives” and needed some help with being creative with fresh and raw vegies. Bethanne thank you so much for your awesome recipes and the great way you have in sharing. Kenny, great job! I totally enjoyed myself. Thank you Satyam for another great seminar……

  4. That was excellent. I learned a lot and sitll have much to learn but now I feel like I have resources to learn. I have been trying to go vegan for health reasons for a while but without all the soy. The lentil soup was excellent. I can not wait to make it, Thank you so much for offerting this class. I look forward to another one, so I can keep learning. Thank you for all your help.

  5. Sounds Fabulous! I wish I coulda been there.
    Are there any handouts/ recipe collections for sale?

  6. So glad to hear that everyone had such a positive experience – I too thought Bethanne & Kenny put on a great class, seminar, learning and dining experience!

    Catrina – we do not have more booklets nor do I have an e-copy as it is a mixed media type of photocopy job. But I will start posting recipes in my weekly emails – that way everyone can get some of the info, albeit in installments.

    Hope that works…


  7. Any way we can get access to those recipes?? Sounds great, hopefully there will be another one!

  8. Hi Andrea,

    The “recipe book” is a photocopy extraordinaire and I have no e-version of it…

    As you saw today I did post the parfait recipe and I will try to share more in the future.

    Indeed we do plan on offering more of these seminars in the future!!

    So glad you are interested!!


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