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Dancing Under the Full Moon

Dancing Under the Full Moon

Despite the glaring challenges & difficulties, when the full moon shines my heart just sings with joy, hope, & optimism…

Admittedly, it was a rough week: A horrific mass shooting, threats of nuclear war, subpar disaster relief in the wake of hurricane devastation, amongst more. Yet when the full moon rises, I know as a humanity – and as a universal family that includes all created beings – I know in my heart that ultimately we are destined for greatness. Our wallowing near the nadir point is soon to be followed by our rising up to our apex. That is why when the full moon shines in its full glory, I jump up on the nearest pole and sing and dance to my heart’s delight, knowing full well that our time to shine is on the very near horizon….Happy Full Moon!!

The above glorious being is Jaya’s dog Cena. Jaya writes:

Cena celebrating the October Hunter’s Full Moon🌚on our walk…Of course 🙂 he is photogenic when he wants to be🐾

Here are both the pups from their vacation getaway: Cena & Miss Eppy say hello from Cape Charles!


  1. Obviously under its spell!

  2. When the full moon shines my heart sings too. Thank you for this heartwarming post!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the beauty and love in the world.

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