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Comings, Goings & Congratulations

CommunityIn this summer of 2012, we have many changes in our local yoga community – so let’s take a moment to honor and recognise some of these life transitions.


Carolyn Rodis: Carolyn and her husband, Elloyd  – long-time residents of south county and great participants of Renaissance Yoga – are on the move. Very soon, in the coming days they will be moving into their new house in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Carolyn has literally attended hundreds of classes, generally twice a week over the last 5 years or so. When I recorded the CD in 2008, I asked Carolyn to come with me to the recording studio to serve as a model. She put all else aside and said, “I’ll be there.” And indeed that has been her motto throughout. She will be greatly missed. South County’s loss is Shepherdstown’s gain. Our very best wishes to Carolyn & Elloyd!

Ashleigh_ElizaAshleigh Janzik: The US military has been gracious enough to lend us Ashleigh these last few years. Originally from Arizona, Ashleigh and her husband Matt (US Air Force) have been in the area the last 4 or 5 years. And it was during that time that they brought Eliza Jane (b. 4/23/11) into the world. From the spring of 2010 to April 2011, Ashleigh spent 3 – 4 days a week at yoga – and for at least half of that time she was pregnant. We spent a lot of time together before and after class – first working on inversions & then making a film documentary of her pregnancy yoga practice. After her delivery she continued to come as often as possible – such as on this occasion. And sometimes she and Eliza simply drop by. Alas, her time for departure has come, and in the next week or so, she, Matt & Eliza will be driving to their new abode: eastern New Mexico. Safe travels Ashleigh!

Andrea Rickett: Andrea has been a mainstay on Monday nights for well over a year. In that time her practice has nicely blossomed – she is a sturdy hand-stander. Andrea has been here locally for 1.5 years after having spent much of her life in northern California, near Sacramento. So she moved from the capital of CA to the capital of yoga! With a wonderful job promotion, she returns back to California this Sunday (7/15) – to the Vacaville area. And while the new job is certainly a boon, the inner secret behind her return is to help all those those in Cali step up their yoga practice. We send Andrea as our great ambassador and representative! Best wishes Andrea on all fronts – enjoy the drive back across!!


Luke: Born 6/14/12 to Kate Spano and her partner Pat, Luke is a welcomed addition. And guess what?!? I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Luke this past Saturday – he showed up after class and brought his mom and grandma as well. Luke is an alert, wide-eyed, long-limbed fellow filled with unlimited potential. At present he is beautifully fulfilling his dharma of being a baby. Here is another shot of Luke. Welcome aboard! Oh and by the way, we fully expect Luke to be in attendance at our upcoming July 22 seminar: Life, Death & Samskara. So come on in and meet Luke – he’ll be the star of the show.


katie_and_monaca_Both Katie and her husband Jonny, along with Monaca and her husband Reza, are expecting baby girls in the coming weeks. One of the neat things is that Katie & Monaca have been practising side by side in Saturday morning’s Strength and Fitness class. Jonny also comes when his schedule allows and Reza is a stalwart when in town. And yes, both Katie and Monaca are handling their respective pregnancies with much grace, courage, and love. All who have seen them can attest to that. Early on we were able to catch up with Katie for a student spotlight. Much love and support to both Katie & Monaca as they near the end of their journey and bring 2 sweet baby girls into this world.


Alisha Juliano: Alisha formally completed all her studies and practicals to become a licensed acupuncturist from the Tai Sophia Institute of Laurel, Md. This, combined with her RN degree where she has done ER work, hospice, and more, gives Alisha a unique and comprehensive background in human health, healing, and well-being. I understand Alisha culminated her years of work with a grand celebration this weekend – well deserved!! Alisha is practising locally and is accepting patients! You can find her nowadays in our Tuesday morning yoga class and online here.


Well there you have it – some of the big changes in our community – and there is certainly much more going on. Please share with us developments going on in your life…

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