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Chakra Challenge: Week #1 Review + Podcast

Chakra Challenge: Week #1 Review + Podcast

Here is a collection of some of the ideas, concepts, and practices shared in the first week of this Chakra Challenge.

Some of the Basics

Here are some of the points we touched on during classes throughout the week.

What does chakra mean? The literal meaning of chakra is (a) wheel (as in chakrasana or wheel pose), (b) family (as in dharmacakra or gathering or family of dharma), or (c) cycle (as is brahmacakra or cycle of creation). But those are not the meanings we are referring to in this challenge. Here we are talking about chakras as they refer to psychic energy centers along the spine / central nervous system. There are 7 main chakras.

What is the role of the chakras? Each chakra is associated with different tendencies or qualities of mind: Fear, worry, love, jealousy, hatred, compassion, courage etc. In Sanskrit these are referred to as vrttis or propensities. By balancing each chakra the aspirant gains greater control over those vrttis. At present, there are 50 vrttis associated with the human mind. Each vrttis is connected with one of the seven chakras.

Can I see the chakras? Yes, the yogis would regularly see their chakras, but with their inner eye, not with their eyes that see externally. With deep concentration chakras can be seen, but to the external eye and they are invisible. Nor are they detectable by any external machine. In that sense they are no different from the mind which is also invisible but certainly exists.

Do chakras affect the body? Yes, the chakras have a direct impact on the physical body. Here again the example of the mind is helpful. If we merely think about our favorite food in the mind, the salivary glands will secrete saliva in the mouth. And verily there are a myriad of ways how our thoughts in the mind affect our physical body. So just as the mind has a direct influence on the body, the chakras have a similar effect. Each of the chakras are associated with various glands and chakras affect the secretions of those glands.

If you have any specific questions let us know. Also be sure to read the comment section of the initial post about the Chakra Challenge.


Throughout the week we did a few, short chakra meditations. The podcast at the very bottom of this post is from Saturday’s class wherein we did a short meditation transitioning from our yoga posture practice into shavasana (corpse pose).

In addition, you might find these podcasts of interest: Yoga Nidra Chakra Exploration, Heart Chakra Meditation, and Meditation with Chakras, among others.

So here below is the short podcast from Saturday and looking forward to Week #2 of the Chakra Challenge with all of you…This coming Thursday we have our Meditation Circle and we will certainly explore chakras to a greater degree in that session.


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