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Chakra Challenge #2: Bio-Psychology & Podcast

Chakras Challenge: Week #2 Review + Podcast

Here we explore the effects of chakra meditation and engage in a practice….

Chakras & Bio-Psychology

This week in various classes we discussed how chakras affect the human personality. Here we will look at this fascinating topic in a nutshell. At present, according to the yogis, the human mind has 50 propensities or vrttis: fear, shyness, compassion, avarice, anger, selflessness, love etc. And each of these propensities are related with a particular chakra, which is associated with particular glands. For instance, vishuddha chakra located in the throat is related with the thyroid gland. And one of the many propensities associated with this vishuddha chakra is the desire to perform noble actions. So by various yoga asanas and meditation practices, that chakra can be balanced and purified, and in result one will have an even greater desire to perform noble actions.

Let’s think about it this way. Whenever we contemplate any thought then that affects the various glands and chakras. If one thinks about their favorite food the salivary glands will jump into action. And verily so many thoughts we harbor create a physiological effect. These days the effects of stress on the body are quite well documented. Here the point is that our thoughts have an effect on the body. Similarly, our yoga practices (asanas & meditation) affect the chakras and glands and that in turn affects the mind, or human personality.

The yogis have known about this since long but it is not well documented. Now when yoga has become pervasive in the west, it will not be long before this field of bio-psychology is investigated more thoroughly. It will be interesting to watch this unfold. Even then for the practitioner, you get the benefit every time you come to the mat or sit in meditation. The human personality is positively affected. And certainly you may have experienced this first-hand based on how you feel mentally after your practice. And that is because chakras affect the glands which affect the mind. This is the field of bio-psychology in a minuscule nutshell. Questions please….

Podcast: 7 Chakra Meditation

Time: 25 min 01 sec

This extended practice of deep contemplation touches on all the 7 major chakras and their effect on the physical body and mind. Set aside some time and space and delve deep into this practice….

Note: This podcast was recorded at last week’s Meditation Circle held on 3/9/17.  

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